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Construction begins on duo of clean energy generation plants in Lancs

lectrical engineering firm, Smith Brothers Contracting Ltd, has commenced design work for two new gas peaking plants in Lancashire. The contract will be delivered on behalf of infrastructure investment and asset management firm, Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners. Construction work is well


underway on a 10.3MW plant in Great Harwood, as well as a 6MW site in Burnley, and once complete, they will export electrical power to Distribution Network Operator (DNO), Electricity North West. The developments will also

provide additional support for the grid and intermittent renewable energy sources – such as wind and solar. Yorkshire headquartered high- voltage specialist, Smith Brothers, is responsible for the private-side of

the assignments, overseeing all Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) relating to the design and build of the generation plant, the supporting infrastructure, and final installation, testing and connection. Dave Ogden, director at Smith Brothers said: “We are pleased to be continuing our working relationship with Quinbrook and delighted to be a part of two significant developments. These further strengthen our position of being synonymous with high- quality, ECP and clean energy storage projects in the UK.” Ken Epplestone, project manager at Smith Brothers added: “While COVID-19 has meant that timescales have had to be altered – as is the case the world over – the health of our team takes precedence above all else. With work now well underway at both locations, we are looking forward to energising Great Harwood and Burnley in the coming months.” Located in Elland, West

Yorkshire, Smith Brothers is a high-voltage power engineering contractor and accredited ICP, specialising in delivering turnkey network connection packages across an array of sectors – including renewable energy, utilities, industrial and commercial.

Standby emergency power system for data centre expansion


aterpillar Inc. announced that Safe Host, one of Switzerland’s largest hyperscale and colocation data centre providers, has selected Cat dealer

Avesco to supply a 19.2 MVA standby emergency power system for the expansion of its data centre in Gland. Avesco engineers will design, install, and commission the solution that

includes six Cat C175-20 diesel generator sets. The project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2021 as part of a planned doubling of current capacity. To facilitate operator health and safety, system security, and uptime, each of the Cat C175-20 generator sets onsite has been factory-finished with a unique paint colour that matches the section of the facility it supports. “It’s incredible how such a simple idea has added so much value to our

health and safety initiatives, and as we continue to expand, we plan to implement this system across all of our facilities,” said Faiz Tandon, sales director and co-founder for Safe Host. “Caterpillar shares our focus on safety, and their ‘Safely Home. Everyone. Every Day’ initiative fits so well with our own efforts and ethos. Caterpillar understood why we needed these colours, and they made it happen.” Safe Host uses Cat standby power solutions exclusively at all four of the

company’s data centres, which are located in Geneva, Gland, Avenches and Zurich, Switzerland. Since the company’s inception in 2000, Safe Host executives have always trusted their data centres’ emergency power needs to Avesco and Caterpillar, selecting the Cat dealer to install and commission a total of 34 Cat diesel generator sets, which range from the 2250 kVA Cat 3516 to the 3200 kVA Cat C175-20.

ECS launches Remote Invigilation service in response to Covid-19 restrictions

Responding to concerns regarding increased travel to assessment centres, especially as some have been closed due to Covid, the ECS has been working hard to see how it can better support its customers to ensure they can easily undertake their HSE Assessment needed when renewing or applying for an ECS card. The new online service is aimed at offering ECS cardholders and employers with the choice of undertaking the assessment without having to travel to an assessment centre. World class technology for automated invigilation using AI-powered, behavioural monitoring and verification tools provides a new facility for the industry to avoid unnecessary delays. With no requirements for downloading programs or browser extensions, users have the freedom to securely and safely complete their HSE Assessment at any time and anywhere. The powerful AI technology solution monitors the assessment to enhance the already stringent measures to prevent fraudulent activity. The system was initially launched as a pilot for employers in January and has seen a great interest with hundreds of assessments already through this remote system. Remote Invigilation is now an extended function within the Employer Portal; the Portal is already being used by almost 3,000 organisations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Work will be continually ongoing to improve the process, before expanding the service out to individuals and the wider industry in 2021. Jay Parmar, JIB Chief Executive, explained: “This is a fully integrated solution which can be undertaken online and gives immediate results, updating the individual’s card record as soon as the test has been successfully completed. Physical centres will still remain operational for those individuals and companies that wish to use this facility or don’t have access to a PC. Although the online system has predominantly covered HSE assessments in the past, this Remote Invigilation software can also be used for the new suite of assessments which have been introduced over the last year to support FESS Systems Operatives and Network Infrastructure.”


he Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) has announced the launch of a pilot for an online invigilation service for the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Assessment as well as other new assessments through the ECS digital platforms.

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