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GORE® PYRAD® Protective Garments: Class 2 Arc Rated PPE Designed To Last

t's a complex process kiting out electrical workers in PPE. Once safety regulations and risk assessments are reviewed and adhered to, then comes the pressure or temptation to buy products that are the cheapest option available. A quick fix, yes but false economy, most certainly. Durable protection from quality garments will last longer, need replacing less and


Li-Ion battery pack with IEC/EN/UL 62133-2 for demanding industrial

charge/discharge cycles than conventional lead-acid batteries and thus guarantees a particularly long service life. The high- quality battery pack impresses both in industrial use and in medical technology applications with its approvals according to IEC/EN 62133-2:2017 and UL 62133:2017 Ed.2. 4S1P Li-Ion Battery pack mit 14.8 V / 2.5 Ah / 37 Wh The BP-LIO-1525 has an integrated BMS (Battery

and medical applications T

he new Li-Ion battery pack BP-LIO-1525 from Bicker Elektronik (Germany) offers five times more

Management System) to optimize service life and safety. The BMS monitors and controls the entire charging and discharging process for each battery cell in the energy storage system. The NTC temperature sensor, which is led outside, enables permanent monitoring of the Li-Ion cell temperature for charging optimization and operational safety. In terms of system integration and economy (TCO), Lithium-Ion cells enable energy storage devices with space and weight savings of up to 75% – compared to conventional lead-acid batteries.

Bicker Elektronik •

offer value for money compared to purchasing cheaper less technical options which at best, will quickly wear out and at worst, not actually provide the correct protection levels needed. Established and trusted PPE manufacturers will offer wearer trials for end users but also provide scientific proof of the durability and safety of their products. Take, for example, Arc rated GORE® PYRAD® Protective Clothing. These multi norm coveralls, jackets

and trousers undergo a series of rigorous tests, including the Open Arc Test and the Box Test at both Class 1 and Class 2 before being fit for purpose. Tests for durability, breathability and laundering longevity ensure that the garments will last, remain comfortable and continuously provide high level protection. Added up, this represents much better value in the long run.


Snickers Workwear High-Performance Jackets Workwear – Protectivewear - Performancewear – Leisurewear.


ith street-smart designs for men and women, all Snickers Workwear jackets include must-have features that focus on fit and freedom of movement as well

as using innovative fabrics that deliver long lasting protection and stretch comfort. Whatever you need – if it’s for work, play or protection against hazards –

Snickers Workwear has Jackets that will work on site, are ideal for leisure, always ensuring optimal performance, comfort, good looks and visibility. ALLROUNDWork Jackets are just what the name suggests, delivering a great all-

round performance. There’s also FLEXIWork Jackets that provide superb comfort and weather-proofing if you’re always on the move and LITEWork Jackets that keep you feeling cool and looking good whatever you’re doing in warm weather.

So check out the performance, comfort and protection features of Snickers Workwear Jackets, there will be one to suit you - wherever you are, whatever you need, whatever you’re doing.

Snickers Workwear • 01484 854788

C.K Sure Drive Socket Sets Successfully Combining Strength with Durability


eading brand C.K, offers a fantastic range of

innovative tools, all engineered to offer great performance, durability, and strength. The new C.K Sure Drive Socket Sets are no exception and successfully combine high quality with high performance, manufactured from forged chrome vanadium alloy steel, making each part resistant to rust, as well as providing excellent longevity. Each set features the patented Sure Drive System which applies torque evenly to the flats of the nut, alleviating the risk of rounding-off.

Three new Sets are available within the range and include: • (T4660) ¼” 36pc Socket and Bits Set. • (T4661) ⅜” 23 pc Socket Set. • (T4662) ½” 24 pc Socket Set.

Great Features and Benefits The C.K Sure Drive Socket Sets offer some great features and benefits, including: 6 and 12 point Sure Drive

sockets, which apply torque to the flats of the nut, rather than the corners, to avoid rounding-off; available as ¼” ⅜” and ½” standard sizes; 72 fine-tooth ratchet drive for precision adjustment and restricted access operation. These quality C.K Sure Drive Socket Sets also come supplied with a durable case with custom inlay, and a

robust clip fastener for secure tool storage.

The new C.K Sure Drive Socket Sets have broad appeal and are ideal for tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts alike. C.K Tools

• 01758 704704

Wieland’s wienet Managed Switches provide full

network control M

anaged Switches from Wieland Electric allow

full control and diagnosis of industrial Ethernet networks. By means of standard ring topology, the switches allow redundant topologies and thereby boost network availability. These switches offer protection against unauthorised access/data traffic, greater resilience and prioritisation of data with real-time requirements.

wienet Managed Switches support processes including

ERPS, RSTP, STP and MRP for Profinet networks (certified up to Conformance Class B) and are adapted for Ethernet IPs. Different port variants from 10/100 Base- T(X) RJ45 ports to variable SFP ports and even Gigabit Combo ports allow for optimal adaptation to the application environment. The full PoE+ performance of 30 W can be tapped with a 51 VDC power supply up to a maximum of 8 ports. The switches meet the highest requirements with their operating temperature range of - 20°C to 75°C as well as their excellent MV properties. The wienet Managed Switches support clock synchronisation according to IEEE 1588 PTP and are also ideally suited to Motion Control applications.

Wieland • 01483 531213 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING • MARCH 2021 45

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