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Ergonomic solution for control equipment A

new range available from BCL

Enclosures, the

BCH Handheld Series is designed specifically for housing control equipment and provides a strong, ergonomic and flexible solution suitable for use in many different types of control equipment.

BCH Handheld boxes are robustly moulded in black ABS for strength and durability. Models with a flush top are suitable for silk screening with customers’ brand name and logo, a service available on request from BCL. As an alternative, there are recessed lid enclosures in the series which are suitable for fitting membranes in. Many different sizes and configurations are available in the BCH Series – BCH 30/40/50/55 range in size between 96mm long x 61mm wide x 25mm high to 125mm long x 70mm wide x 24mm high,

including some models available with a battery connection compartment and battery connector included, plus one variant, BCH 30N, which is 85mm long x 55/40mm wide x 19.5/15.5mm high with PCB points in the top and base.

BCH models 60/65/70 range in size between 111mm long x

64mm wide x 23mm high and 126mm long x 75mm wide x 23mm high. Certain cases have tapered top lids, while others have rounded tops and bases. End plates are removable.

BCH 90 models are medium hand held cases either 146mm long x 91mm wide x 32mm high in black ABS, with battery compartments including battery terminals suitable for four AA batteries or one 9V battery, or alternatively, without battery compartments. The larger cases, BCH 100 models, measure 189mm long x 101mm wide x 29mm high

with either flush or recessed lids. The latter are available in either black or white ABS and have battery compartments sized to fit six AA batteries and include battery terminals.

Covers and surrounds for the BCH 50 and 60 Series provide protection to both the enclosure itself and its equipment. Available colours are red, blue and orange. For the two BCH 100 cases, a surround strip is an option, which increases the overall height by 15mm.

BCL Enclosures’ products are manufactured in the UK, which overcomes the supply issues often found with non-UK manufactured items. A high percentage of products are available from stock or on very short lead times. In addition to the above hand held range, BCL Enclosures offers a very comprehensive range of plastic enclosures and power supply units. Advice on enclosure specification and a full gamut of custom and customisation services are also available.


Specialist cabinet and enclosure hardware F

or over 40 years FDB Panel Fittings have provided a specialist service for the supply of panel and electrical enclosure hardware - locks, hinges, handles, enclosure gasketing, cable management and accessories. FDB are pleased to announce that this high-quality service package now includes the expanding DIRAK hardware range for specialist metal/plastic fabricators, including panel builders and OEMs. As a specialist distributor, FDB Panel Fittings are proud to provide probably the UK’s largest range of locks, hinges, handles and accessories for virtually all industrial applications. This supply process continuously focuses on their ability to provide a friendly personal service based on detailed product knowledge and experience with an extensive product range. This encompasses everything from cable management support systems to cabinet hinges, enclosure gasketing and locking systems, with many stainless steel variants and anti-vandal handle designs. Extensive UK stock-holding means they expect to deliver most items direct from their warehouse.


Explains Gary Miles MD, “as the Panel Fittings division of FDB Electrical Ltd – with a background in the specialist panel building industry – we naturally grew our business together with panel builders serving the controls industry – but this soon developed into a wider market place so that we are equally at home with the sourcing and supply of the more specialist products for a huge variety of industrial and defence related applications. A major part of that growth has involved ever closer relationships with manufacturers like DIRAK who ensure that we can provide our customers with the best and latest hardware technology.”

The FDB ethos is simple “quality products coupled with quality service” and has been the cornerstone of their success over very many years – which is a perfect match for DIRAK who focus on the individual application requirements of specific

  

industrial sectors, in order to develop the perfect solution. This includes hinging and latching solutions with the best materials, superior design and functionality which meet the requirements of the application environment. For example, DIRAK have created

specially designed, high-quality polished stainless- steel products to meet the strict hygienic standards of the food processing industry, and we developed solutions for the transportation industry/sector which meet the vibration resistance and fire protection requirements. In addition, FDB/DIRAK offer solutions for sheet- metal fabrication, rail transportation, Infrastructure projects, Data centres, network cabinets and IT. For custom requirements, the team at FDB Panel

Fittings are experienced in working with the engineers at DIRAK and other manufacturers to expedite solutions to user requirements.


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