In the world of economic growth, all eyes are on India and its steady rise up the global ‘league table’ of the world’s largest economies since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took offi ce in 2014.

In fact, India hasn’t had a down year in terms of economic growth this century and based on its 2018 performance is expected to climb above the UK to become the world’s fi fth largest economy. And, as an article in Forbes magazine was quick to point out, that’s not a refl ection on Brexit, it is simply a tribute to India’s economic acceleration on the world stage.

Since 2014, Prime Minister Modi has overseen a country growing at a rate of 7% per annum, driven by a population of 1.3 billion people, three times the size of the UK, France, Italy and Brazil put together. Not surprisingly, it is a country where TAPA is also experiencing strong growth as the need to protect the country’s burgeoning supply chains reaches new heights too.

2018 was a memorable year as TAPA’s presence in India experienced monumental growth. The fl agship training programmes for the Association’s Facility Security Requirements (FSR) and Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) enticed an overwhelming number of new participants and garnered unprecedented support in India as the training events moved from city to city over the last 12 months.

Several Indian companies with global presences, and some rapidly expanding beyond the shores of India, participated in

TAPA training sessions. The mixture of small and large companies grew with every new training session. And, again, not surprisingly, the Indian arms of global companies which are TAPA members in other regions are also becoming members in India to strengthen their relationships with TAPA.

Thanks to successful marketing techniques employed to promote available training services, Indian companies are quickly recognising that TAPA certifi cation adds value and teaches useful skills to key employees. With their experience - and certifi cation backing their skills - these professionals have cleared the path to becoming auditors for the logistics industry by completing all three levels of TAPA certifi cation.

Companies employing these professionals can utilise their services as auditors, providing a valuable skill set and enhancing business development opportunities.

Serving as TAPA’s India Service Centre, Netrika Consulting and Investigations remains focused on establishing connections with more companies to promote the Association and its training courses. The company’s reputation in the industry played a critical role in the expansion of TAPA throughout the year.

Enhancing TAPA’s brand in India has produced a thriving platform where issues relating to the logistics industry can be discussed among professionals. As the number of certifi ed facilities and trucking operations grows, it will provide a platform for the continued expansion of India's logistics industry.



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