As Vigilant extends its reach to the global TAPA Family, we’ll be introducing you to some of the TAPA Board Members in the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA regions who are volunteering their time and expertise to drive forward the Association’s goal of minimizing cargo losses … so please meet …

Herdial Singh,

TAPA APAC Hi everyone, Herdial Singh here. I have been with Agility Logistics in Singapore for 15 years, and since 2009 have been Agility’s Asia Pacific Regional Director for Quality and Business Excellence.

As a subject-area specialist, with years of international experience as an advanced practitioner, I drive Agility’s implementation of Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety and Supply Chain Security systems, initiatives, training, and engagement systems and programs within the region.

I have also been on TAPA’s APAC Board since 2012, and an active member of TAPA Asia Pacific’s Change Control Council (CCB). I have also been a member of the World-Wide Change Control Board (WWCCB) since 2012.

Making the most of my TAPA Standards’ knowledge and understanding on implementation and auditing, I have conducted numerous TAPA FSR and TSR training exercises within the region since 2011, and I was thrilled to be nominated as TAPA APAC’s Training Lead for 2014/2017. TAPA regularly reviews its Standards, and how it delivers training to ensure effective deployment and uptake, especially for the Facility Security Requirements (FSR) and the Trucking Security Requirements (TSR). I have been active in that area – and a key participant – since 2012.

I am also involved in the development of the national standards in Singapore, through memberships of the Technical Committee of Quality & Core Business Processes, Singapore Standards Council (SDC), and of the Working Group of Quality, Environmental, and Occupational, Health & Safety Management, roles which directly relate to my work on TAPA APAC's CCB, and my WWCCB activities, and provide valuable real-time insights into how international standards are reviewed and updated.

At TAPA APAC, I have seen an evolution from the old-school authoritarian top-down management of the past to today’s vibrant, member-centric, learning organization. The new TAPA APAC listens to its members. No longer just reactive, we pro-actively reach out to members, utilizing platforms such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We also organize webinars and workshops to encourage networking across our membership.

Being a TAPA Board member is exciting, engaging, and deeply satisfying. But it comes with huge responsibility – to work effectively and constructively with our diverse membership, involving them in delivering on our vision of an international supply chain where controlled and traceable product can be transported in a cost-efficient and secure environment. As a Board, I believe we need to be accessible – to be the go-to people that members

reach out to for assistance, support, advice and inspiration.

As a premier international player, we are deeply integrated into the industry we

‘As a Board, I believe we need to be accessible – to be the go-to people that members reach out to for assistance, support, advice and inspiration.’

represent: adopting best practices wherever we find them; benchmarking key processes; and collaborating with third-party providers such as insurers and law enforcement agencies. We proactively identify trends and threats in the supply chain world – all with the over-riding objective of achieving TAPA’s mission.

Looking to the future, the TAPA APAC Board is reaching out across the sector to recruit and co-opt more members, and to involve them in new initiatives, as well as the development of new standards – such as our Guarding Security Requirement (GSR), which is a regional pilot, and the Supply Chain Cyber Security Standard. We are also actively working with logistics providers, manufacturers, and insurers to establish security requirements for emerging issues such as Scrap Material Management Guidelines, the Control Tower Security Requirements (TAPA CTSR) and Brand Protection.

I am very excited about 2019 as TAPA APAC takes on new initiatives to recruit more members, increase the number of certifications, train more members in the upcoming new standards, and delivering quality cargo crime related intelligence as part of TAPA’s risk management program.

It is a great privilege to be a member of this exciting TAPA APAC today – and I look forward to representing our Board and the TAPA membership in our challenging and demanding future together.

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