Oval personnel in Birmingham – including the events team – numbers more than 70. Craig observes: “Ultimately this is a Birmingham project that we want to be supplied by Brummies for Brummies. It’s not trying to create a pastiche of Clerkenwell or Shoreditch. It’s trying to do something in Birmingham that’s about the place that it is.

“We’re relative newcomers to Digbeth and so the people who’ve really made it what it is today are the people who are there now, and that needs to be respected.

“We see it as being a place that marries heritage with technology and responsible building. We’re looking at ways of retaining affordable workspace across the estate and making it a sort of meritocratic place that’s quite different from the city centre.”

“One of the benefits of owning a large estate is that – as we revitalise buildings – we can move occupiers into other buildings across the estate.”

A key aspect of making the location attractive to occupiers is evolving the shopping offer and places to eat and drink. There was already an eclectic and independent line-up at The Custard Factory which pre-dated Oval’s acquisition and it is now looking to build on this.

Fern & Foxglove Bridal is aimed at the ‘individual, creative, brave, foxy girl who just wants something a bit different for her wedding day’. It brings together new cutting edge bridal wear designers with vintage glamour and accessories.

“We’re relative newcomers to Digbeth and so the people who’ve really made it what it is today are the people who are there now, and that needs to be respected.” is staffed by street artists and offers shop graffiti stickers, paints and workshops while Ideal is aimed at the urban skater and stocks skateboards, accessories and skater apparel.

On the food & drink side, there’s Baked In Brick – a new pizzeria which won ‘Best Street Food and Pop Up’, ‘Best Dish’ and ‘Best of the Best’ at the British Street Food Awards. Clink Beer is an independent craft beer bottle shop and tasting room with a constantly rotating selection of eight beers on tap.

In the centre of The Custard factory building is The Mockingbird – a venue that offers bistro food, a highly

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