way that reflects their real world. VantagePoint is the only company that does that. And we do it by teaching sales managers how to • Align the activities to results: Managers must first determine the situation they are facing by identifying the outcomes they are looking to drive within their sales team. The desired outcomes determine the activities that must be coached. The coaching plans (standard operating proce- dures) ensure coaching is aligned to the desired outcomes. • Execute coaching plans: Managers execute their coaching according to their individual coaching plans – strictly adhering to the coaching rhythms identified. • Assess impact: Managers monitor changes in leading

indicators (KPIs) to assess whether the appropriate progress is being made. Changes to the activities they coach and how and when to coach is an ongoing process that enables them to coach in an agile, adaptable way over time. But what about replicating the behavior of top-perform- ing managers? Can we gain precise insight about manager behavior the way we can with seller behavior? Well, fortunately, the answer is yes. We can first identify

the sales objectives (or KPIs) that high-performing manag- ers focus on and to what degree. We can then determine the pattern of activities that top-performing managers focus on to drive performance. In essence, we can isolate which objectives and activities top performers attend to obtain better outcomes. Real Example: In the client example below, you can see

the strategic objective focus of high-performing managers versus core-performing managers on the left. Note that the high-performing managers have a signifi-

SELLING TIP Triple Threat – Three Traits Great Achievers Share

Of all the traits extraordinary achievers have in common, seeking, investing, and implementing rank among the most important. Boost your sales and success by making sure you fit into all three of these categories: • Seekers – Seekers are superachievers who share a desire to succeed and are curious about all the different ways in which they can grow, learn, and increase their effectiveness. Instead of waiting for their ships to come in, they actively seek opportunities and solutions to problems. Take a proactive approach to your success – among the people you meet or the books and magazines you read, search for ways to enhance your performance. Use all the self-improvement resources available to you to give yourself every chance to win. • Investors – Investors take responsibility for their own success – and they invest in themselves to help ensure it.

Your intelligence, skills, and motivation are valuable assets, so set aside time to improve them. Establish a program that ensures you learn something new, polish a skill, and inspire yourself every day. The time you take to better your- self today can ensure better performance tomorrow. • Implementors – Good ideas are priceless, but only when you implement them. Keep track of the ideas you generate and, when you record them, make notes on what you need or must do to implement them. Give yourself deadlines and ask for assistance from friends, family, and coworkers to help implement an idea whose time has come. When you read or hear information that may affect your sales, act on it.



cantly higher focus on selling new products and services compared with core performers. On the right, you can see which five activities – of all the activities we measure – are most highly related to sales performance. You will notice that one of the five highest-impact activities is studying the specifications of new products and services. This linkage should not only be apparent, but it should also align with organizational objectives and KPIs.

Finally, we can isolate the specific coaching practices

that top performers utilize to drive better outcomes. Using VantagePoint Performance, you can identify the activities they coach, the frequency and duration of their coaching conversations, and the topics they cover to drive results. If you are like our clients who want a precise understand- ing of high-performing management practices, you now have a method for obtaining that critical information. With VantagePoint you have choice and flexibility, which means your seller and manager training investments are aligned in- ternally to organizational goals, as well as aligned externally to your customer’s buying behaviors and preferences. 

Michelle Vazzana, Ph.D., is chief strategy officer and co-founder of VantagePoint Performance.

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