Level Five Coaching System: How Sales Leaders Are Developing Preeminent Sales Teams JOHN HOSKINS

INTRODUCTION “In fields of specialized knowledge, we aim to render an account that is plain and simple, yet does no violence to the difficulty of the subject, so that the uninformed reader can understand us while the expert cannot fault us. We try to keep in mind a saying attributed to Einstein – that everything must be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.” A Letter from the Publisher of Time Magazine, 1962

This book is written for sales leaders who want to dra-

matically increase their odds of exceeding their quota year after year. However, it is equally relevant for sales trainers who want to increase the certainty of a payback on the training programs they build or buy, and salespeople, who seek to master the art of selling, earn top commissions, and enjoy the recognition associated with being number one on the sales leader board. During my sales career, I sold or oversaw the sale of

more than $350 million of licensed training and learned many valuable lessons. Level Five Selling and the Level Five Coaching System are my effort to pass along those lessons through a better, more cost-efficient, and amaz- ingly effective way to increase the number of quality sales calls your sales team conducts. As a result, you will quickly experience increases in top-line revenues, the fruits of over-quota performance, and delighted clients. The research for validating the content is field based. It’s not only the thousands of salespeople I’ve witnessed who embrace the concepts or the hundreds of sales leaders who choose to manage it, but the dozens of customers who acknowledge that they have seen the Level One, Two, Three, Four, and Five sales call behaviors firsthand and have a strong preference for a Level Five salesperson calling on them. You will soon see that Level Five Selling is an elegant, simple selling model. It is memorable and repeatable. It is applied most often in B2B field sales teams but is equally powerful when developing top-performing inside sales teams and can be modified for B2C selling as well. Salespeople and sales leaders get it and apply it immedi- ately. The really good news is that you don’t need to take people away from their customers and prospects for two or three days for them to understand it, use it, and achieve sales results. Best of all, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Some might suggest that the world doesn’t need an-

other sales training program. In fact, many sales leaders argue that most sales training doesn’t work. They wouldn’t get much of an argument from me because, deep down, I know that they’re right. The failure to deliver bottom-line results has more to do with training methods than pro-


gram content. Nearly all sales training programs lack proper follow-up and reinforcement. Running sales training with- out that is what sales training icon Larry Wilson once called throwing seeds on concrete. Between the ages of two

and three, children develop the cognitive ability to make logical connections to understand why things hap- pen. The child’s incessant “Why? Why? Why?” ques- tioning has a real purpose.

The skill of asking “why” never leaves our subconscious. The “why” provides us a much more sophisticated under- standing of how things work. Although we don’t always articulate it as adults, we continue to wonder. • Why am I in this sales training program? • Why are these skills being taught going to help me sell more?

• Why will my prospects and customers respond better to this approach?

Most sales training doesn’t work as well as it could be- cause of an absence of context. The answer to the “why” question is missing. Context is seeing the big picture so participants know why specific skills are taught, why they are useful, and why using them leads to better sales results and more loyal customers. Yet, there is another reason Level Five Selling and the Level Five Coaching System are so powerful. Cognitive fluency is a measure of how easy it is to think about something and understand it. The easier it is to understand, the more we believe it must be true. Level Five Selling is easy to understand and garners immediate buy-in from sales leaders and salespeople. Level Five Selling and the Level Five Coaching System

aren’t flash-in-the-pan concepts. They are a completely dif- ferent alternative to the traditional approach to sales skills training. Think of it more as a sales management discipline than a sales training program. It provides a formula for turn- ing any sales team into a “quality sales call machine.” Here is my promise. Take the model to heart, tailor it to your industry, product, and service, conduct the training with your sales leaders, and track the metrics we provide in the field with your salespeople. You will see a dramatic improvement in your sales results within a few months.

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This book is for sales leaders who want to dramatically increase their odds of exceeding their quota year after year. It is also for sales representatives who seek to master the art of selling, earn top commissions, and enjoy the recognition of being number one on the sales leader board.

"Selling is both an art and a science. Level Five Selling puts

much of the science aspect of selling into layman's terms providing a clear understanding of how to sell well."

Tom Hopkins, author of Hw t atr te At o eln ad We ues Sy N.

n hn Byr a o

"Inspires even sales stars to superior performance levels and provides the illusive competitive edge in closing large global deals."

Michael A. Rosinski, President CEO of Astoria Software

"Real-world leadership experience; a succinct plan to create a lasting, high-performing sales organization." Mike Monson, National Inside Sales Manager, Univar

"Straightforward and comprehensive, yet easy to grasp and even easier to remember. This book puts things in the most clear and concise manner yet."

T J Protsman, Areas Sales Manager, Business Interiors by Staples ''An action-oriented framework for sales."

John Stuart Senior Director, National Sales at Genentech


John Hoskins

John has sold or oversaw the sale of more than $350 million of licensed training. Today his practice is focused exclusively on the sales function.

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