Kurlan & Associates is a full-service global sales consul- tancy that helps companies develop, train, and coach sales leaders, managers, and salespeople. Kurlan conducts sales force evaluations, provides guidance and tools to nail sales recruiting and selection, and offers the finest training to help sales managers master the art of sales coaching. Kurlan also provides a full spectrum of services for sales architecture, sales infrastructure, and sales enablement. | Tel: 508/389-9350

Mercuri International is a global sales training and sales consultancy organization founded in 1960, with an interna- tional network that spans more than 40 countries with over 300 employees and a network of 150 associate consul- tants. The annual turnover is around $70 million USD, of which more than 30 percent is generated from internation- ally coordinated projects for large international customers. Mercuri International provides open courses in a number of countries, but the majority of the business is built on customized in-company sales development projects. Based on the global footprint, number of consultants, size of client base, and the results achieved by clients, Mercuri International is one of the global market leaders in sales development. | Tel: +44 1981 550 447

PI Worldwide and our experienced consultants change the way organizations find the right people, develop leaders at all levels, and achieve growth goals. We offer a unique combination of behavior and skill assessments, dynamic workforce analytics, and business expertise to optimize the performance and potential of individuals, teams, and organizations. Our methodology integrates data, technol- ogy, knowledge, and expertise to provide a foundation for organizational excellence in more than 8,000 client com- panies around the globe. Our Predictive Index® system, Selling Skills system, and Influencing Skills system allow companies to use predictive data to achieve tangible im- provements in business metrics. These workforce benefits directly lead to high-performing work environments and create real, competitive advantage. | Tel: 781/235-8872

Headquartered just outside Chicago, Revenue Storm is a sales consulting firm that helps its clients implement pro- cesses and disciplines to drive sustained revenue accelera- tion. We use a holistic, science-based approach combining training, consulting, coaching, software, assessments, and analytics to help clients create demand, gain sales efficien- cies, and grow revenues. We customize our curriculum to make it practical for clients and have salespeople use live accounts and opportunities in the training. Sessions are led by consultants who’ve been senior executives – many of whom used our methodology. Because of our proven track record, we offer outcome-based contracts and put profits at risk until results are documented. | Tel: 224/659-7710

MHI Global works with organizations across all verticals around the world to build and sustain customer-focused, high-performance organizations that can drive profitable, predictable top-line growth. Our unrivaled capabilities – dedicated to customer management excellence – come from the combined expertise of powerhouse brands that make up MHI Global: Miller Heiman, AchieveGlobal, Huthwaite, Channel Enablers, and Impact Learning Systems. Supported by the real-world experience of passionate sales practitioners, MHI Global brings best-in-class exper- tise and practical experience to all aspects of the selling and customer management process. | Tel: 877/678-3380


Richardson is a global sales training and performance improvement company. We collaborate with our clients to provide the best guidance and customized solutions – de- livered to the highest standards by authentic, passionate, and experienced people. With over 30 years of experi- ence, we create solutions that build organizational ability and improve the individual skill necessary to grow profit- able sales. We help leaders prepare their organizations to execute sales strategies and achieve business objectives. Working with some of the most admired companies in the world, we have the expertise and resources to help

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