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Selling Power 2015 Top 20 Sales Training Companies


As sales executives across the United States continue to face longer sales cycles and shifts in buyer priorities, B2B professionals and sales leaders need to have access to trust- ed information and development resources. Selling Power’s 2015 Top 20 Sales Training Companies list can help you find the right sales-training and development firm so you can continue to make sales excellence a high priority. Each firm included on Selling Power’s 2015 Top 20 Sales

Training Companies list has the potential to help your company get better results – not just for your team and your company’s bottom line, but also for your customers. The four main criteria used when comparing applicants and selecting the companies to include on this list were: 1. Depth and breadth of training offered

2. Innovative offerings (specific training courses, meth- odology, or delivery methods) 3. Ability to customize offerings 4. Strength of client satisfaction

Also, with buyer behaviors and technology continuing to impact the sales training market, this year’s list places more emphasis on innovation as it relates to courses of- fered, delivery methods, and services that help with sales training retention. These summaries provide a quick snapshot of each company’s major offerings. We encourage you to visit their websites and social networks to learn more. Note: This list is organized in alphabetical order and no priority or ranking is implied.

programs for each of the 11 unique sales roles

Action Selling helps sales leaders improve their team’s ability to develop customer relationships that result in con- sistent sales and true customer loyalty. We create highly tailored sales-skills training programs for a company’s sales force and those who support the sales force. Because we include nontraditional salespeople such as customer ser- vice reps, technical support teams, marketing teams, prod- uct development specialists, accounting personnel, and inside sales reps, we help build a sustainable sales culture in our customers’ companies. These dramatic shifts in sales culture lead to exponential sales growth and profitability. | Tel: 1-800-232-3485

• Leadership development: Providing the tools and programs to ensure sales leaders transition from just measuring performance to truly driving change

• Road map to transformation: Includes leadership certi- fication, rep and manager development resources, and sales dashboard to track and measure the three areas that drive results. | Tel: 770/690-9616

Since 1996, in over 25 countries, ASLAN has focused on bridging the gap in sales force execution. Beyond the typi- cal workshop, our “results-based competency” solutions and expertise are focused on the four critical areas needed to ensure sustainable change: • Tactics: Establishing the processes, message, and metrics that are consistent with high-performing sales organizations

• Rep development: Customized skill development 26 | AUGUST 2015 SELLING POWER © 2015 SELLING POWER. CALL 1-800-752-7355 FOR REPRINT PERMISSION.

The Brooks Group focuses on customized “street smart” sales and sales management programs with a high level of relevance and practicality for the individual learner. Our focus is on delivering highly interactive programs in a live format followed up by an industry-leading, cloud-based, instructor-led sales and sales management coaching plat- form. Our coaching methodology ties together elements of live coaching by a subject matter expert, peer account- ability, gamification, management participation, and on- the-job application of concepts to guarantee learners have the tools they need to apply concepts quickly and perma- nently to get stakeholders the results they’re seeking. | Tel: 1-800-633-7762

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