Over four decades, Carew International has continually built its reputation as a leader in customized program de- sign that dramatically improves performance in sales and sales leadership. Our unique, comprehensive, and results- oriented curricula incorporate world-class sales research as well as the input of human resource and psychology ex- perts and thought leaders. Carew takes a holistic approach to sales and business development, honing the processes, methodology, and attitudes necessary to cultivate pro- ductive long-term business relationships. Our hallmark is developing sales professionals who are prepared to engage and influence by delivering insights that create value for their customers. Carew’s clients are among the most recognized and respected names in business, and their leadership in their respective industries is a testament to the impact and ROI provided by Carew. | Tel: 1-800-227-3977

ware, and deal coaching. By flipping the classroom, sellers learn at their own pace with improved adoption. Using our embedded analytics, entire teams are transformed from order takers into demand creators. | Tel: 312/476-8700

IMPAX, a global sales performance improvement com- pany, helps organizations improve their selling, account management, channel management, and sales leadership efforts to drive business results. IMPAX covers the entire business-to-business selling spectrum – tactical to strate- gic – by providing more than just skills and strategy. IMPAX works with companies to help make price less relevant, fight commoditization, win executive-level credibility, and create competitive differentiation. We provide complete end-to-end solutions such as consulting, tailoring (includ- ing content and tool kit customization), training, reinforce- ment sessions, coaching, internalization workshops, and train-the-trainer certification. Everything is focused on an implementation-oriented solution that can be measured and drives real behavioral change and results. | Tel: 1-800-457-4727

Fusion Learning helps sales leaders and salespeople per- form better. We create simple and practical sales training solutions that unlock individual performance and increase sustainable results. Our differentiated design process, robust library of content, and proven tools – as well as Facilitation Mastery – deliver solutions that drive measur- able improved sales performance. Examples of our client impact include achieving double-digit growth in revenue year over year, increasing 50-percent-plus account reten- tion and expansion of key customers, and ensuring an increase in the value provided. We take a systemic approach to create targeted,

relevant, and flexible solutions and ensure leaders are equipped to drive and reinforce the changes – creating a highly engaged sales culture and business results. | Tel: 855/656-2999

There is a reason Janek refers to itself as a sales-per- formance group. At Janek, we view performance as the product or measure of sales practices as a whole. From our proprietary sales-training solutions to our relentless com- mitment to smart training-implementation plans, we strive to provide relevant behavioral change for each of our clients. Our perspective is fresh and our abilities nimble, enabling us to become long-term trusted partners with our clients. One size does not fit all, and this mentality is woven into the core of our organization. We are prescrip- tive in our approach, which has guided the development of our completely tailored sales-performance programs. | Tel: 1-800-979-0079

Holden is a global leader in sales performance develop- ment. We’ve pioneered tools that create game-changing sales habits through online simulations, cloud-based soft-


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