Providing exotic tours and luxury river cruises, Cosmos and Avalon Waterways has doubled its sales team to offer even more support to the trade

Tell us about your brands. Cosmos specialises in tours to the

world’s most exotic destinations, offering more than 400 tours across 67 countries. We squeeze as much as we can into our tours including flights, transfers, accommodation, selected meals and excursions and our private home pick-up service. We offer a price-match guarantee and flexible booking conditions, so customers know they are getting the best possible value. Avalon’s five-star river cruises offer enriching experiences along world-famous waterways on luxurious modern ships. Our entire fleet in Europe and southeast Asia comprises suite ships, each featuring panorama suites, with the widest-opening windows in river cruising.

What’s coming up in 2019? At the end of 2018 we expanded our sales team from four to nine people. That’s

more people on the road, dedicated to working with travel agents. We will be launching tours with our sister company Globus, as well as a new ship, Avalon Envision. There’s also lots more exciting news, so stay tuned.

How can agents work with you? We offer support in many areas including

training, marketing, providing campaign information, attending consumer events and more. We will also have fam trips. If you’re not sure who your RSM contact is, speak to agency sales.

What might agents not know about you? We’re never shy of a challenge or a

fundraising opportunity. Among the team we’ve completed marathons, bike rides, fun runs, swimming in the Atlantic Sea, cake sales, walks and loads more. So why not put us to the test on a fundraising challenge?


Sign up to our travel agent portal – you can check availability and book online as well as access campaign information and download marketing materials.

Know who your agency sales representative is – they can keep you up to date with the latest information as well as competitions and incentives.

Many customers may not realise they are looking for a tour. Always suggest one, they will see much more of the country they are visiting.


COSMOS 0330 058 8237

T @CosmosTradeUK

AVALON WATERWAYS 0330 058 8243

T @AvalonTradeUK 9


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