Welcome to the 2019 Tipto agent magazine. I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the agents who have supported us, including our newly-appointed Agent Ambassadors, you have helped us make the last 12 months so successful. Tipto continues to grow and thrive and as we enter our 20th year, we have lots to celebrate – we want to make this our best year yet!

We’ve kickstarted our 20th year with 25

supplier members across all sectors of the industry, and this year will be bigger and better than ever before with more events, bigger prizes and even more ways for you to get involved. Our Agent Ambassador programme

is now in full swing, with six agents in consulting roles. We would like more of you to join in 2019 to help us shape the future of Tipto – turn to page 6 to find out how. We have also bolstered our online

training opportunities with new suppliers providing modules about their products. Visit our website to complete training courses from our newest members Gold Medal/Travel 2, Royal Caribbean International and Wendy Wu Tours, with more to come. For more opportunities to build stronger

relationships with suppliers, agents can attend one of our 19 Face 2 Face roadshows and five SuperShows in 2019. Turn to page 5 for our event dates. I feel strongly that 2019 will be the year of

the agent. You hold the key to reassurance for holidaymakers and the next 12 months present an opportunity to showcase your knowledge to continue to make those all-important bookings. As customers look for expert guidance from someone they can trust, it’s never been more important to keep your product knowledge

and industry insight up to date. So, whether you’re a homeworker or a

high street agent, Tipto can help you and I guarantee you’ll walk away with knowledge you didn’t have before. That little nugget could be the key to unlocking sales and improving your business. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events very soon.

Jane Atkins chairman, Tipto


Connect with suppliers, network with other agents and keep up with all things Tipto on social media. Join the private ‘TIPTO for Travel

Agents’ Facebook group, or follow @TIPTOTerri on Twitter.


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