EDITORIAL ‘If not you, then who?’

I took this to heart 3 years ago (May 21st 2018 to be exact!) when my role as editor of Lube magazine began. Within a short space of time, an early observation (there were a few) was the gender imbalance prevalent in this traditionally male industry. At pretty much every conference or sector occasion I attended (pre-Covid obviously), women were in the minority. And as a newcomer to the world of lubricants this made for an interesting landscape; I can honestly say that it was a great learning platform but it struck me as a misrepresentation of the enormous contribution women in the lubricants industry have made, and continue to make, in this arena. Which is why it became a personal crusade to help celebrate ‘Women in the Lubricants Industry’ (WITLI), something that I’m proud to say we achieved through our inaugural conference held in March 2020 at London’s Institute of Directors. Fortunately, many of you felt the same.

Following on from this successful event, I’m pleased to announce that the eponymously named WITLI Global Community is now up and running on LinkedIn. Already 100 members strong, the platform aims to facilitate a forum for communication, collaboration, support and encouragement. It is open to all, of course, not only women. Virtual and physical networking opportunities are planned and the aim is for members to make their own voices heard, to share leadership and success strategies, best practice methodologies and greater insights through personal stories, interviews and dialogue. This is your platform – sign up and get involved.

Sustainability continues to be centre stage, both globally and as an industry specific issue. UEIL’s article on page 41 provides a useful backdrop to its recently launched Sustainability Survey specifically targeted at UEIL members, as it asks ‘What Does Sustainability Mean to the European Lubricants


Industry?’ We look forward to sharing the survey conclusions in the months ahead. The topic remains in the spotlight with Croda’s ‘Safe and Sustainable by Design’ piece on page 20 and TOTAL’s ‘How to increase the sustainability of Metal Working Fluids’ on page 10.

Lube Tech this month, page 24, is provided by Frederik van de Voort, Emeritus Professor, McGill University and Michael Viset, Hydrocarbon Consultant and examines ‘Titrimetric-Equivalent Acid Number (AN) Determination of Lubricants by FTIR Spectroscopy’. And on page 30 Tribology and the ‘The relationship between CO2

emissions, friction and the hidden

impact of wear protection on sustainability’ are examined in depth by Dr Mathias Woydt of Matrilub.

All the regular features are here, including this month’s local report on Turkey, Professional Development insights on ‘Removing bias to hire the best talent’, market reports from ICIS and an update from VLS and the EU Working Groups. ‘The lubrication challenges of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles’ are discussed on page 44 and this month I interview Mike Skypala, managing director of OATS Ltd. You can read the full length interview or listen to my podcast with Mike on

As we begin the gentle, on the ground easing out of lockdown across the UK, I’ll be taking to the sky for my very first (but hopefully not my last!) charity Skydive on 3rd July! Wish me luck! Until next time...

Andrianne Philippou,

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