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of browsing a good bookshop. Engagingly illustrated, each room of this bookstore is an homage to a different literary genre. With its special details and inside jokes this puzzle has much to entertain and appeal to all book and bookshop lovers.

Bond icons—the villains, the cars, the gadgets—the question is who will be the first to fill their card and shout “007” (well, “bingo” just wouldn’t cut it).

Jane Austen Playing Cards Laurence King, September 2021, £12.99, 9781913947187 This set of playing cards is pleasingly illustrated with characters from Austen’s novels. You can either play your own favourite card game or learn a new one from the accompanying booklet. Full instructions are included for some of the classic Regency games that featured in her work. Whist, anyone? Or maybe I can interest you in Lanterloo?

Beehive Mancala: A Family Board Game Laurence King, March 2022, £16.99, 9781913947828 An ideal addition to any spring displays, this fun strategy game is perfect for the whole hive. Collect pollen, make honey and grow your own bee colony. The player with the largest colony wins. The accompanying booklet, from Kew Garden’s very own beekeeper, includes lots of facts on the bees and flowers featured in the game as well as information on the honey making process and importance of bees.

The World of Agatha Christie: 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Laurence King, February 2022, £14.99, 9781399600910 From the makers of the popular “The World of...” puzzles, this 1,000 piece jigsaw re-imagines scenes from Agatha Christie’s many novels. Beautifully illustrated and full of detail, this is a rewarding puzzle for her many legions of readers and a lovely gift.

Liberty Aurora 2-in-1 Game Set Galison, October 2021, £21.99, 9780735371026 This gorgeous compendium of backgammon and ludo features Liberty’s icon Aurora design and offers the ideal gift for the style- conscious board game player. The portable box is designed to open out into the game board and the built-in drawer helps to keep all your pieces and instructions safe.

James Bond Bingo: The High Stakes 007 Game Laurence King, October 2021, £25, 9781913947804 Following in the great tradition of its many other bingo games, Laurence King now gives James Bond the bingo treatment, publishing around the same time as the much delayed “No Time to Die” hits the cinemas. Featuring 64

Family Game Night Gift Set Games Room, December 2021, £22, 0810073340855 This eye-catching box contains everything you need to play three family games: General Knowledge Trivia, Who Am I? and Kazoo That Tune (with kazoos included for ultimate music madness). This is a great family gift or ideal to take with you when you go to stay with relatives over the festive period.


Monster Chef: A Disgusting Card Game Laurence King, July 2022, £12.99, 9780857829085 A fabulously icky card game. Can you make the perfect sandwich for your monster guests—yes they would like toenail clippings with that, but please hold back on the elephant ear wax! The winner is the first to complete their sandwich

to their monster’s gross but exacting standards.

Roald Dahl: What is It? Petit Collage, out now, £14, 0810073340589 Building on Petit Collage’s range of Roald Dahl-inspired games, this one sees players trying to guess which Dahl character they are. Pick your card, pop it into the spectacles, start the timer and let the frantic guessing begin. Ask as many questions as you can to guess your character before the time runs out. With two pairs of spectacles being slightly bigger, adults can join in, making it a raucous and fun family guessing game.


Andy Warhol Soup Can Paint By Numbers Galison, November 2021, £17.99, 9780735370524 A chance to create your own piece of pop art. Bringing together the poster boy for the pop art world and the kitsch but mindful craft of painting by numbers. The kit comes with all you need to create and display your finished masterpiece.

How Are You Feeling? Shaped Ring Flashcards Galison, October 2021, £11.99, 9780735370333 This set of bold and graphic animal-shaped flashcards helps introduce emotions to toddlers in an engaging and interactive way. They are a great tool to help teach emotional literacy, self-awareness and empathy. Angry Panda is my personal favourite.

Trust the Triangle Fortune Telling Deck: Pocket Gal Pal Chronicle Books, February 2022, £9.99, 9781452183923 From dating dilemmas to fashion faux pas, this gal-pal has your back. Combining the fun of personality quizzes and the power of fortune telling, these cards offer advice on problems big or small. And will tell it like a best friend should.


Sea Monsters and Rainbows: A Snakes and Ladders Game Laurence King, out now, £14.99, 9781913947064 Traditional snakes and ladders is just so passé. With your ship-shaped counters, navigate the board exploring the world’s oceans, trying to avoid an encounter with any of the mysterious and magical serpents and monsters that call the seas their home. With its accompanying booklet, this game is also a great introduction to myths and legends.

Ways of Looking at Art Laurence King, March 2022, £12.99, 9781913947576 Use this pack of 50 cards to help reawaken your sense of wonder and to experience art from a fresh perspective. Discover a new-found appreciation of the art around us—from street art to sculpture, from tapestry to painting. Ideally sized to keep at hand on days out for guided prompts and inspiration.

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