there is high demand for her food. Guaranteed to warm your heart despite the icy setting, says Avon.

Saga SFF

But Len turns out to be a wrong ’un, and he threatens to wreck everything… BookScan 

or slaughter you, there is no place left to hide and nowhere else to run for Pilgrim, Lacey, Albus and Addison. Headline will support with a digital campaign around #HeartheVoices.

Linda Finlay Farringdon’s Fate HQ, 9th, £7.99, PBO, 9780008392673 Jane, an apprentice corset-maker, arrives at a grand country house in Devon to measure the five daughters of Lord Farringdon in preparation for a lavish ball celebrating the betrothal of the eldest. She is disturbed to learn of a gipsy’s curse which has haunted the family for generations, and a local wise woman’s belief that there will never be a wedding at Nettlecombe… BookScan

Brendan P Bellecourt Absynthe Ad Astra, 9th, £18.99, HB, 9781801101929

Début ”Inception” meets “Metropolis” by

way of The Great Gatsby is the pitch for this fantasy set in an alternative Art Deco Chicago, where former First World War solider Liam has befriended a wealthy heir. At Club Artemis one night, everyone is drinking “absynthe”, which will kill some and transform others. But it will do something else entirely to Liam…

M A Carrick The Liar’s Knot Orbit, 9th, £9.99, PBO, 9780356515182 Second in the Rook and Rose fantasy trilogy, in which a con artist, a vigilante and a crime lord must unite to save their city, which is slowly being corrupted by dark and dangerous magic.

Benedict Jacka Risen Orbit, 2nd, £9.99, PBO, 9780356511177 Urban fantasy. Mage Alex Verus has gone from a Camden shopkeeper to one of the most powerful mages in Britain. Now his last and most dangerous battle lies ahead as his girlfriend, the life mage Anne, has fallen fully under the control of a deadly djinn. Last book in the series.

Terri Nixon A Cornish Homecoming Piatkus, 2nd, £9.99, PBO, 9780349424019 Final book in the Fox Bay trilogy (A Cornish Inheritance and A Cornish Promise), set in the 1920s in a glamorous hotel on the Cornish Riviera and following the fortunes of the hotel’s upper-crust owners.

Andrzej Sapkowski, Danusia Stok (trans) The Last Wish Gollancz, 7th, £20, HB, 9781473235090 Illustrated hardback reissue of the first in the Witcher series, now a major TV series for Netflix. This introduces Geralt the Witcher, a brilliant fighter and merciless assassin who hunts down the monsters that plague humanity.

Genevieve Cogman The Untold Story Pan, 9th, £8.99, PBO, 9781529000634 Latest in the Invisible Library series finds librarian spy Irene tasked with a dangerous solo mission to eliminate an old enemy, which must be kept secret at all costs. Even more troublingly, multiple worlds are disappearing—and the library may have something to do with it. BookScan *

Fonda Lee Jade Legacy Orbit, 2nd, £9.99, PBO, 9780356510590 The Green Bone trilogy (Jade City, Jade War) concludes as the Kaul siblings battle their rival clans for honour and control over an East Asia-inspired fantasy metropolis. The first in the series won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel.

Horror & ghost stories

Mary Wood The Jam Factory Girls Fight Back Pan, 9th, £7.99, PBO, 9781529033496 In pre-First World War London, Millie and Elsie both fell in love with Len, but he chose Millie because of her attractive legacy: the Jam Factory.

G X Todd Ghosts Headline, 9th, £20, HB, 9781472233202 The Voices series (Defender, Hunted, Survivors) concludes. In a world where the voices in your head can save

Ian Douglas Alien Hostiles HarperFiction, 9th, £8.99, PBO, 9780008288914 Military SF. The second in the Solar Warden trilogy. For decades, there have been rumours of alien life. Now the truth is out—a truth more shocking and thrilling than anyone could have imagined. We are not alone. But neither are we defenceless.

Graham Masterton The Shadow People Head of Zeus, 9th, £18.99, HB, 9781800243361 DS Jamila Patel and DC Jerry Pardoe have a reputation for solving bizarre crimes and so are called in after three cannibalised bodies are discovered in a London basement. Markings on the wall indicate that the perpetrators may have been invoking an ancient god, last worshipped in the Neolithic Age…


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