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Superworm Plush Aurora, November 2021, £19.99, 5034566614314

“Hip, Hip Hooray for Superworm!” In times of uncertainty and change it is wonderful that we can put faith in some things just being there, and a Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler animation at Christmas is exactly that. The heart-warming tale of Superworm is the latest adaption from the multi-Oscar nominated animation team and will premiere on BBC One this Christmas. This delightful plush incarnation of our superhero is sure to be on many wishlists this Christmas.

Games and puzzles

LEGO Mini Mystery Puzzles Chronicle, November 2021, £7.99, 9781797211206

I flipped when I saw this, it is the perfect till point pick and so wonderful as a Christmas stocking filler or secret Santa gift. This “blind box” mini puzzle builds on the popularity of the LEGO mini-figure blind bags, with each box containing the jigsaw pieces you need to complete one of six mini-figure puzzles. Which one will you get? With no clue on the box, you’ll need to use your puzzling skills to find out. Try your luck at collecting all six designs to complete the set.


Rush to Recycle Petit Collage, September 2021, £14, 0810073340565

Sort all your recyclables before the truck arrives to pick them up in this game of Rush to Recycle. Is it metal, glass, paper, plastic or compost? This game puts the excitement into recycling; either play co-operatively to recycle together or competitively and be the first to sort all your recyclables to win. Perfect for ages 4+, for two to four players, and with an average game lasting 15 minutes it is perfect for shorter attention spans. Made using over 50% recycled card and printed with vegetable inks, the Petit Collage range sets a good eco example.


My First Bingo: At School Laurence King, Out Now, £12.99, 9781786279576

Perfectly timed for those starting school for the first time this September, this game is a wonderfully playful way to help demystify what can be a worrying time. The game comes with four different colourfully illustrated game boards, each depicting a key area of the school—classroom, library, dining hall and playground. There are 10 objects to find on each board and the first to fill their bin

bingo board is the winner.

Stationery: Notebooks and journals

The Body Positivity Journal Chronicle Books, March 2022, £14.99, 9781797214450 This is a joyful and empowering guided journal with vibrant illustrations throughout encouraging readers to accept, love and appreciate themselves and the skin they’re in. Body positivity advocate Virgie Tovar shares the role of journaling in her own relationship to her body and offers written and visual prompts as well as inspiring short essays helping readers on their own journey.

LEGO Master Builder Notebook

personality type and maximise their potential. With their design led styling and approach, these notebooks would sit well in stores with a market for The School of Life books and journals.

Chronicle Books, October 2021, £14.99, 9781797211947 A truly awesome notebook for any LEGO aficionado. Filled with LEGO facts and loads of building ideas, this notebook has plenty of space to write, plan, sketch and dream up new designs. Through a variety of guided prompts it will help inspire all levels of builders. And as you would expect from the LEGO world of possibilities, you can even spin the wheel and select the cover of your journal to reflect your brick- building style.

Dynamo: A Personality Notebook Laurence King, January 2022, £12.99, 9781913947750 This notebook is part of a series of three alongside Dreamer (9781913947743) and Disrupter (9781913947736) with each journal curated for a different personality trait. The Dynamo, much as the name suggests, is very much the self- starter, conscientious leader and highly focused organiser. With plenty of lists, notes and thoughts, it also features a personality overview to help The Dynamo better understand their

Do One Thing Every Day To Simplify Your Life: A Journal Clarkson Potter, December 2021, £11.99, 9780593232941 Perfectly timed for the “new year, new you” market, this journal is the latest in the “Do One Thing…” bestselling series. Offering inspiration and motivation through

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