accessible, bite-sized prompts, it is the perfect way to Kondo your life and help you clear your space both inside and out. After all, clutter isn’t just the stuff you trip over.

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more easily managed and readily processed.

Am I Overthinking This? A Journal Chronicle Books, March 2022, £13.99, 9781797205304 This bright and cheerful journal is the companion to Michelle Rial’s 2019 book of the same name (9781452175867). With its engaging charts, graphs and all-round encouragement, it offers a fun opportunity for all overthinkers to get those thoughts out of their heads and down on to paper where they can be

Jane Austen, Ada Lovelace, Mary Shelley Handwriting Notebook Set Bodleian Library, September 2021, £11.99, 978185124575 This set of three notebooks draws on the rich collection of the Bodleian Library manuscripts. Each notebook is A5 with ruled pages and features the distinctive handwriting of these three remarkable and inspiring women writers and thinkers.

Social stationery

Chronicle Books, November 2021, £14.99, 9781797215488 The latest in the Bibliophile collection of beautifully illustrated book stacks from Jane Mount. This time this richly illustrated collection of notecards celebrates the works of those under- represented in the literary world. The book spines featured on each of these 20 cards span a broad range of genres from classic to contemporary, from sci-fi to cookery. An easy and useful gift for all book lovers.

I may have said this before but I love a box of postcards. They are perfect to keep on hand for whenever you want to send a quick note to someone. This collection of cats in all their enigmatic glory is captured by 10 different artists who bring their own interpretation and style to each illustration, so offering something for pretty much every occasion. Of course if you are dog person then there is also the Dog Box (9781648960772).

Games and puzzles

£21.99, 9780735370890 Building on its popular Liberty range of stationery, gifts and games, Galison is introducing some new puzzles in time for Christmas. This puzzle features the Bianca design which, with its textured trees and stylised fields of flowers, embraces Liberty’s long tradition of landscape prints. The wooden puzzle pieces also lend this jigsaw a traditional and premium feel.

Bibliophile Diverse Spine Notes: 20 Notecards and Envelopes

Cat Box: 100 Postcards by 10 artists Princeton Architectural Press, out now, £17.99, 9781648960741

Liberty Bianca: 144 piece Wood Puzzle Galison, October 2021,

Avocado Smash Party Ridley’s Games, out now, £18, 0810073340466 Avocado Smash just got bigger and better with this jumbo party edition. Packed with lots more cards, fresh rules, plenty of toppings and the new “You’re Toast” card. This fast-paced card game is perfect for those used to playing the original game and new players alike.

Space Mission Matching Game Chronicle Books, May 2022, £13.99, 9781797211244 There is no denying that space is a perennially popular topic and this game will appeal to the many legions who are held in its thrall. Using the iconic NASA Mission patches as the basis of this memory game, it is perfect for honing your memory while introducing players to some of humanity’s most notable journeys into outer space—the very first Mars rover, the Apollo 11 mission, the first mission to the International Space Station are amongst the many patches featured.

In the Bookstore: 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Princeton Architectural Press, September 2021, £14.99, 9781648960901 A bibliophile’s dream—this fun and engaging puzzle draws on the delights

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