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Neil Gaiman, Colleen Doran (illus) Chivalry Headline, 28th, £14.99, HB, 9781472290649 Graphic novel adaptation of Gaiman’s short story which tells of an elderly widow who buys what turns out to be the Holy Grail from a second-hand shop, setting her off on an epic journey with an ancient knight, who lures her with ancient relics in the hope of winning the cup. BookScan 


Josephine Rowe A Loving, Faithful Animal Tuskar Rock, 2nd, £12.99, HB, 9781788169608

Début A study of a family in crisis

in 1990s small-town Australia, precipitated by the mysterious death of the family dog. Vietnam vet Jack disappears on another bender, his wife Evelyn lives mostly in the past, while the eldest child Lani runs wild and young Ru observes everything. Emily St John Mandel is a fan: “A subtle and haunting meditation on childhood, escape, the bonds and the limits of family, and the long reach of trauma.”

Celia Laskey Under the Rainbow

Literary short stories Ferdinand Dennis

The Black and White Museum Small Axes, 2nd, £9.99, TPB, 9781913109837

Laura Elizabeth Woollett The Newcomer Scribe UK, 9th, £9.99, PBO, 9781913348380 Latest from the author of Beautiful Revolutionary. On a sleepy Pacific island, a mother waits in a hotel for news of her daughter, known for her hard drinking, disastrous relationships and habit of walking alone. When her daughter’s body is discovered, every man on the island becomes a suspect. Based on a true story.

West Camel Fall Orenda Books, 9th, £8.99, PBO, 9781913193928

HQ, 9th, £8.99, PBO, 9780008481025 A national non-profit organisation labels Big Burr, Kansas “the most homophobic town in the US” and sends in a queer taskforce to live and work there for two years. As tensions rise, both long- term residents and new arrivals must reconsider what it means to belong. Poignant and hopeful, says HQ.

Aaron still lives in the Deptford tower block where he grew up, but his estranged twin Clive is now a successful property developer who wants to turn the crumbling tower into luxury flats. The events of one scorching summer years before—a summer that shattered their lives—are still being felt. Author Camel is editorial director at Orenda.

Literary short stories

Silvina Ocampo The Impostor Serpent’s Tail, 2nd, £9.99, PBO, 9781788168793 A “comprehensive” collection of surrealist short stories from across the Argentinian writer’s career, with an introduction from Helen Oyeyemi. A thief breaks into the house of a psychic with disastrous results; a bride has her personality subsumed by the previous occupant of her home; two men switch destinies for a change of pace.

Crime & thriller

Laurence Anholt Solstice of Death Constable, 7th, £19.99, HB, 9781472130044 Third in the Mindful Detective series. As dawn breaks over Stonehenge during the midwinter solstice, New Age revellers discover a human hand painted green atop one of the lintel stones. Leading the investigation are cynical ex-London cop DI Shanti Joyce and her partner-in-crime Vincent Caine.

Robert Bryndza Darkness Falls Sphere, 7th, £19.99, HB, 9780751572780 Kate Marshall is hired to investigate a decade- old cold case—the disappearance of a young journalist who exposed a political scandal. Discovering the names of two young men who vanished at the same time, she realises that the journalist may have been on to something far more sinister. BookScan 

Little, Brown, 14th, £13.99, TPB, 9781408714973 Detective Galileo returns (The Devotion of Suspect X) to investigate when a suspected killer, arrested twice but never convicted, dies unexpectedly during a Tokyo street festival. Lots of people had reason to want him dead, but all of them have rock-solid alibis.

obsessively watching true crime documentaries on Netflix. Her boyfriend Zach has moved in to look after her, but he is not all he seems. By the end of this story, police will remove a body from Number 5 Maple Drive. But will it be Isla or Zach who escape with their life? BookScan 

David Gordon Against the Law Head of Zeus, 9th, £18.99, HB, 9781801104777 Third in the series featuring Joe the Bouncer, a former special forces agent turned strip club bouncer who lives with his grandmother in Queens. He also has a side-hustle as a hitman for the Mafia, and his latest job is about to take him to the last place in the world he wants to return to: Afghanistan.

Keigo Higashino Silent Parade

One to Watch

First collection of short stories from the author of Duppy Conqueror (“its haunting mythologising of migration seeks to make of a baffling complex and often painful journey something luminous and redemptive,” said the Guardian).

Set in post-”Windrush” London, with its racism and rapid gentrification, these stories reveal “the emotional drama of faded love, the loss of individ- ual and shared memory and the wistful longing for home”. Writer and broadcaster Dennis was born in Jamaica and moved to England aged eight, where his parents had migrated in the late 1950s.

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S Kirk Walsh The Zookeeper of Belfast Hodder Paperbacks, 9th, £7.99, PBO, 9781529345544

Lori Ann Stephens Blue Running Moonflower Books, 2nd, £16.99, HB, 97818382374866 Texas has seceded the United States of America to become the new Republic of Texas, a place where guns are compulsory and murder is punishable by death. After an accidental shooting, 14-year-old Bluebonnet Andrews is on the run with a new friend—a young, pregnant Latin American woman—and together they strive to reach safety.

Sam Carrington The Couple on Maple Drive Avon, 9th, £7.99, PBO, 9780008436384 After a brutal mugging Isla recuperates at home,

Emma Christie Find Her First Welbeck, 9th, £8.99, PBO, 9781787396982 Psychological suspense. Paramedic Andy Campbell has a secret he can’t tell anyone, not least the police. But when his wife’s image is found at the home of a notorious murderer, Edinburgh detectives start knocking on his door. Welbeck will support with a multi-channel PR and marketing campaign to build on the success of Christie’s first novel, The Silent Daughter, now shortlisted for the Bloody Scotland Début Prize. BookScan 

Stephanie Harte Secrets and Lies

One to Watch

Based on a true story, this tells of Hettie Quin, who becomes Belfast Zoo’s first ever female zookeeper when all the men leave to fight in the Second World War. She forms a special bond with Violet, a three-year-old Indian elephant, and

when the bombs rain down on the city in 1941, Hettie must somehow save her. An uplifting tribute to one woman’s courage and tenacity, says Hodder, and I think this could have a wide appeal to fans of Heather Morris and Mandy Robotham.

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