Aria, 9th, £8.99, PBO, 9781800246270 Barmaid Ella falls for Conor, later discovering he is a gangland enforcer with big, dangerous plans. When she gets tangled up in his shady deals, it’s not just her heart that’s at risk…

Previews New Titles: Fiction

by a cop friend to speak to his niece, a college student who claims to be the victim of a crime but seems to know much more than she is willing to tell the police. Ninth in the series.

prepared two conflicting wills; which will comes into force depends on how he dies. He also invites seasoned investigator Harith Athreya to watch what unfolds.

K L Slater The Marriage Sphere, 30th, £7.99, PBO, 9780751585414 Psychological thriller narrated by a woman who marries her son’s killer, 10 years after his death. From the author of Blink and Single. BookScan 

Carys Jones We Are All Liars Orion Fiction, 9th, £7.99, PB, 9781409196013 Five friends, once close but now increasingly estranged, reunite at a cabin in the Scottish Highlands in the hope of mending old wounds. But when a freak snowstorm rocks the cabin and one of the girls is found dead on the ice, their weekend away becomes a race against time—and each other—to get off the mountain alive. BookScan 

Michael J Malone Quicksand of Memory Orenda Books, 9th, £8.99, PBO, 9781913193966 Jenna, trying to rebuild her life after a series of disastrous relationships, meets Luke, who is struggling to look after his dead partner’s young son. When they fall in love, the future looks rosy, but someone is obsessively watching…

Headline Review, 9th, £20, PBO, 9781472279132 England, 1919. Rose and Ivy board a ship bound for Australia: one is travelling there to marry a man she has never met, the other is destined never to arrive. Australia, 2016. Molly uncovers a photograph of two girls dressed in First World War nurses’ uniforms and determines to unravel the mystery.

S&S Adult Fiction, 23rd, £8.99, PBO, 9781398511750 Historical drama about a British family who open a high-class hotel on the Italian Riviera in the 1920s. Co-proprietor Bella Ainsworth is soon targeted by a corrupt local politician, who threatens to drag her into the “red-hot political cauldron” of Mussolini’s Italy.

Historical adventure

Walter Lucius A Sea of Flames Michael Joseph, 9th, £8.99, PBO, 9781405921459 The Heartland trilogy (Butterfly on the Storm, Angel in the Shadows) concludes with journalist Farah Hafez returning home to Afghanistan where, in the garden of the presidential palace in Kabul, she re-lives a traumatic event from her childhood, something she has spent her life trying to forget.

Nell Pattison Hide Avon, 9th, £7.99, PBO, 9780008468026 First standalone thriller from the author of the BSL interpreter Paige Northwood series. Seven friends go on a Boxing Day hike, which turns into a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse at sunset. Fleeing an unknown killer in the dark, Emily loses her cochlear implant and can’t rely on sight or sound as she tries to hide… BookScan 

Seishi Yokomizo, Bryan Karetnyk (trans) The Village of Eight Graves Pushkin Vertigo, 2nd, £8.99, PBO with flaps, 9781782277453 The first English translation of a classic Japanese mystery featuring detective Kosuke Kindaichi. In the 16th century, eight samurais were murdered by a group of villagers and a terrible curse was placed on the village. Centuries later a mysterious young man arrives, bringing a spate of deadly poisonings in his wake. BookScan 

Historical crime and thriller

Christina Courtenay Tempted by the Runes Headline Review, 9th, £9.99, PBO, 9781472282705 Viking time-slip novel about a woman who time travels from modern day Dublin back to the ninth century, where she finds herself on a ship bound for Iceland with a Swedish man, Geir Eskilsson. Echoes of the Runes won the RNA Best Fantasy Romantic Novel award in 2021.

Tim Hodkinson The Waste Land Aries, 9th, £8.99, PBO, 9781801105514 Second in the historical adventure series featuring Irish Knight Templar Richard Savage, set in 1316 AD. When Edward Bruce kidnaps Savage’s daughter Galiene, her father returns to a battle- torn Ireland to find her.


Mike Lupica Robert B Parker’s Payback No Exit Press, 16th, £9.99, PBO, 9780857304872 PI Sunny Randall is asked

50 3rd September 2021

R V Raman A Will to Kill Pushkin Vertigo, 2nd, £8.99, PBO, 9781782277323 Mystery set in modern- day India but with a Golden Age sensibility. An ageing millionaire invites his grasping relatives to his home in the Nilgiri mountains, where he has

Luke McCallin Where God Does Not Walk No Exit Press, 9th, £18.99, HB, 9781843449744 Amid the bloody trench warfare of the Battle of Amiens in 1918 and the political foment in Berlin, Lt Gregor Reinhardt exposes a murderous conspiracy at the heart of the German army. Fourth in the series. BookScan 


Julie Brooks The Secrets of Bridgewater Bay

Paula Greenlees Journey to Paradise Arrow, 30th, £7.99, PBO, 9781787466166

Début Miranda is hoping for a

fresh start when her husband’s job for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office takes them to Singapore in 1949. But even the beautiful house and invites to fancy parties cannot make her feel less lonely, until she meets a doctor who encourages her to work within the community.

John O’Connell Hotel Portofino

James Patterson The Horsewoman Century, 30th, £20, HB, 9781529135534 James Patterson takes a break from his multiple thriller series with this tale of competitive horse riders Maggie Atwood and Becky McCabe, a mother and daughter team who dream of making it to the Olympics. But only one woman can make that dream a reality, and a dramatic turn of events ahead of the Paris Olympics changes everything. Co-written with sportswriter Mike Lupica. BookScan 

Catherine Jones Fates and Fortunes in Little Woodford Aria, 9th, £8.99, PBO, 9781800246119 Fourth and final part of the series set in the market town of Little

Sheila Norton Winter at Cliff’s End Cottage Piatkus, 9th, £7.99, PBO, 9780349429854 Said to be a “heartwarming” Christmas story about the friendship between a young, lonely journalist, and an old woman who lives in a house teetering on the edge of the Devon cliffs. BookScan 

Olivia Lara The Meeting Point Aria, 9th, £8.99, PBO, 9781800246263 Romcom for fans of Mhairi McFarlane about a woman who discovers her boyfriend’s infidelity through a message from a “Lift” driver. Having planned to surprise her cheating partner on his birthday, she is now stranded in a strange city…

Woodford. Heather, Jacqui and Miranda are desperately trying to organise a fete to bring the town together, until a newcomer threatens to derail the whole operation. Full of drama, secrets and community spirit, says Head of Zeus.

Dani Redd The Arctic Curry Club Avon, 9th, £7.99, PBO, 9780008469115

Début Maya upends her life to follow her

boyfriend to the Arctic Circle—and realises too late how hard life will be. To comfort herself, she starts to cook Indian food from her late mother’s recipe book, and soon

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