Bagging a winner

Manufacturers of bag-making machinery know they must help their customers make better products – with higher throughput – to help them match their competitors

Bags are such a fundamental product that it might seem impossible to create new types of bag. However, manufacturers are still managing to expand the functionality of this seemingly simple product. At the recent ITMA textile machinery exhibition,

Starlinger of Austria presented three new types of Ad Star block-bottom valve sack, which can be made on its machinery. The new bags are Ad Star Easy, IC Star Liner and Ad Star Ultra. “These are not merely eye-catchers,” said

Starlinger. “New features open up even more diverse areas of application and new markets for our customers.” With its patented easy-open feature, Ad Star Easy allows quick and easy emptying without the use of mechanical tools. To open the sack, a strip that is welded to the bottom patch is simply pulled off. This means that woven plastic sacks are now catching up with paper sacks in this regard, it said. The new easy-open feature is available on the Starlinger sack conversion line Ad StarKon HX. The development of Ad Star Easy was prompted

by market demand, which was reflected by the sale of the first two easy-open lines within a very short time, said the company. The IC Star Liner highlights uses welding – rather than sewing – to close the bag. This allows for substantial material savings in production and removes problems such as broken needles, stitch holes and traces of oil on the sack fabric. During production, this new sack type is lined automati-

cally with a polyethylene film that offers maximum product protection for sensitive applications such as the packaging of food and hygroscopic prod- ucts such as commercial fertilisers. Ad Star Ultra weighs only 62 grammes, so is the lightweight among woven bags made of polypro- pylene fabric. Despite its low weight, the Ad Star Ultra is still robust, and is used to pack dry bulk goods such as cement.

Pouch production XL Plastics of India says that its CSP-501 Ultima is a multi-purpose centre-seal pouch making machine that can convert lay flat sheet suitable for co-ex- truded PE film and laminated film (PE/PET, PET/Alu, and BOPP-PE). There is also a fin type centre seal option for PET/ PE laminated film, lap type seal for PE, and co- extruded film which can manufacture heavy duty centre seal pouches. An additional skip function also allows the manufacture of long pouches. The machine runs at a top speed of 80 cycles/

min, and pouches made on it are recyclable. Features of the machine include: a shaftless unwind system; electronic web guide system on unwind; indexing by servo motor; and an individual servo system for each cross seal and cooling stations.

Fast changeover At last year’s Pack Expo show,CMD Corporation exhibited its new a revolutionary new 760-SUP stand-up pouch system. The model combines

July/August 2019 | FILM & SHEET EXTRUSION 43

Main image: Ad Star Easy has a patented easy-open feature, which allows fast, easy emptying without the use of mechanical tools

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