reorder or reorder automatically. Packaging can be also a very effective tool to improve health by reminding to take pills on time and keep track of what we eat and drink, sending alerts if we ate or drank too much.


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What are your predictions for the future of the Smart Packaging industry? Smart packaging will grow significantly. Prices of the different aids, such as small sensors and printed electronics, will go down and enable a wider use, together with the growing engagement and awareness of consumers to the opportunities. We will see development of smarter materials that will prolong the shelf life and reduce weight of the packaging. The use of nanotechnology will grow and add new performance properties to the materials. We will also see more combina- tions of IoT and AI that will enable packag- ing to be fully integrated in an automatic chain of value. Once consumers use

connected packaging, producers will get to know more about their needs and habits and will be able to offer a more personalised solution. On the other hand, consumers’ privacy could be harmed so, to maintain their trust, new regulations will come along.

Justin Creasy, Technical Director It’s Fresh!/Food Freshness Technology Group

What is the biggest challenge for the Fresh Produce Industry? For me, the biggest challenge is

balancing the need for economic sustainability across the supply chain, enabling continued investment that can deliver long term returns whilst balancing and sharing the risks associated with that investment. Buyers need to understand the long-term requirements of primary production, and primary producers need to invest in value not cost. Waste is a classic example. There exist answers to

extending shelf life and reducing waste, but it is not a least cost solution. Also, growers and packers need to be rewarded in investing in this and not feel they constantly must chase the race to the bottom, which is the current outcome of today’s retailer practices. Some retailers are investing in this and those that are need to educate their consumers to the difference. Most consumers, I think, would support this if only they are made more aware.

Join the conference Smart

Packaging 2019

Harnessing active and intelligent technologies to add value to flexible and rigid packaging

10-11 September 2019 Hamburg Marriott Hotel, Hamburg, Germany


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Rosen and Creasy will both be speaking at AMI’s fourth Smart Packaging conference in Hamburg, Germany on 10-11 Septem- ber. Other key speakers and panel partici- pants at this international event include senior representatives from Avery Denni- son (UK), CPI (UK), Crown Technology (UK), Deloitte (Belgium), Ethelco (Belgium), Fraunhofer Electronic Nano Systems (Germany), GS1 (Germany), Insignia

Technologies (UK), Inuru (Germany), ISI Pac (UK), Jones Packaging (Canada), Mimica (UK), Murata Electronics Europe (Netherlands), Parx Plastics (Netherlands), Scantrust (Switzerland), Sealed Air (Italy), Securikett Ulrich & Horn (Austria), Selig Liners (UK), StixFresh (USA) and Waterio (Israel). To learn more about Smart Packaging 2019 contact conference

organiser Anna Kislingbury. Tel: +44 (0) 117 314 8111; Email: or visit the conference website

40 FILM & SHEET EXTRUSION | July/August 2019

What smart innovations is It’s Fresh! working on? We are currently working on a number of ground- breaking ways to extend quality and freshness. These products are unique, consumer friendly and are technically and economically beneficial to the global supply chain.

What are your predictions for the future of the Smart Packaging industry? For the next three to five years I hope we enter more closed loop systems where packaging is more readily recycled in an increasingly circular economy. To support this, consumers must be better educated in knowing how to recycle most effectively, and better armed with the role of packaging in reducing food waste and conveni- ence to the supply chain. In addition, the function- ality of the packaging will become more bespoke – adding greater shelf life and performance than currently. This is crucial so there is a clear justifica- tion and value associated with it, both in terms of financial value but also in the lifecycle of the product. Its Fresh! can assist this as it adds a further dimension to packaging, compared to today.

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