Dynisco has more than six decades of experience in helping customers provide a true “window into the process” with its range of products and solutions for indication and control for critical plastic process measurements including, pressure, temperature and polymer rheology. Harnessing these parameters help plastics processors to reduce lot-to-lot variations, cut scrap, raise produc- tivity and integrate recycled materials into their process without sacrificing product quality. �

EngView Systems provides solutions for the PVC and aluminium extrusion industry. It specialises in quality control and measurement systems for inspecting profile geometry. Scan Fit & Measure is a 2D flatbed scanner system for automated measurement and inspection of profile geometry for both aluminium and plastic extrusion. MCaliper is an innovative way of adding traceability to measurements done with the most commonly used manual tools in manufacturing. �

Erema, based in Austria, specialises in developing and manufacturing plastics recycling systems and components. Founded in 1983, the company has supplied around 6,500 recycling systems world- wide. With subsidiaries in the USA, China and Russia, and around another 50 representatives elsewhere, it has a network to implement custom plastics recycling solutions around the world. �

Eurochiller, founded in 1990, was acquired in 2019 by Atlas Copco – operating under its Oil Free Air division in the Compressor Technique business area. Eurochiller’s headquarters in Italy house both production and a customer centre. It has another product company in Slovakia and two customer centres in France (Eurochiller France ECF) and in the UK (IsoCool). The company designs, manufac- tures and services industrial cooling products and temperature control units as well as related systems used in industrial manufacturing processes. It is a specialist in providing cooling solutions in indus- trial processes, especially in the plastic sector. �

ExxonMobil Chemical is a leader in the technol- ogy, innovation and supply of petrochemical products, and among the largest producers of performance polymers. Its Vistamaxx products are a cost-effective way of allowing greater use of low-cost, recycled content – while targeting

high-value applications. �

FB Balzanelli produces automatic and semi-auto- matic coilers. These include automatic solutions for packaging pipes, as well as automatic palletising systems (which can serve more than one line). These are developed according to its commitment to technology, innovation, quality and customer care. Constant innovation offers a technical solution to each pipe coiling, packaging and palletising need. A focus on customer care helps to ensure correct, reliable operation of all systems. �

Filtec is a family company, founded in 1993 and based in Italy. It develops and sells solutions for polymer pelletising. Its range of products includes water ring and underwater pelletisers, screen changers, water filters, horizontal and vertical centrifuges and vented vibrating screens. Its CA range of screen changers – with single or double plate – filter molten plastic in a range of applica- tions including the processing of tubes and profiles. �

Gabriel-Chemie specialises in the refinement and colouring of plastics. In 2020 it celebrated its 70th anniversary as a masterbatch provider on a national and international level. When developing new products, it focuses on sustainability and innova- tion for the production of durable plastic articles. It has 630 employees in nine European locations. �

� Gamart produces and distributes innovative products and technologies in the plastics industry.

September 2021 | PIPE & PROFILE EXTRUSION 39

Above: Erema’s Pure Loop shredder-ex- truder has been used to recycle pipe back into plastic granules


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