Azo offers raw material and bulk handling systems for many sectors, including plastics. Its solutions help companies to strengthen their competitive edge, with machinery that is easy to operate and maintain, while offering high connectivity and user protection. An example is its extensive range of products – including conveyors and mixers – for PVC dryblend. �

Baerlocher is a leading supplier of additives for the plastics industry, with a history stretching back nearly 200 years. It employs more than 1,150 people in its production sites and joint ventures, which are located across the world. The company is a global partner for all PVC processing needs – with leading-edge technology for solid calcium- zinc and calcium organic stabiliser systems. �


Benvic is a European leader in PVC compounds, biopolymers, bespoke polymeric materials, medical compounds and components. Founded in 1963, it operates in 60 countries for applications in construction, infrastructure, packaging, medical, electric and electronic appli- ances, consumer and automotive. The company has eight production sites – and 470 employees – across Europe. �

Biofiber Tech is a Sweden-based start-up, founded in 2016. Its patented technology is used to modify wood fibres, to make them ‘plastic-like’, so they can be used in plastic product manufacturing to

reduce reliance on fossil-based plastics. The company specialises in research and

Above: Colloids is well known as a supplier of masterbatches

development, and commercialisation of modified wood (or other plant fibre-based materials) for use in applications including automobile, household products, furniture, packaging and construction. �

Brabender develops, produces and distributes instruments and equipment for testing a range of material properties. The range extends from laboratory equipment through to small-scale production. Its product portfolio provides applica- tions of many industrial segments in food, chemi- cals and pharmaceuticals. Its instruments are used in quality control as well as R&D. �

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Brenntag is a global player in chemical and ingredi- ents distribution. As well as marketing process chemicals, it is focused on speciality products, value-added services and customised solutions. Its Polymers division offers customers in thermoplastics processing a portfolio of high-performance polymers, engineering thermoplastics and polymer additives. Core competencies are developing, producing and marketing of customer-specific material solutions for applications in many end markets. �

Cabot is a US-based producer of speciality chemicals and performance materials. It is a leading producer of black masterbatch and conductive compounds. Its unique formulations – and extensive expertise – helps its customers to differentiate themselves. Cabot formulates highly dispersed carbon black solutions to satisfy applica- tion requirements such as UV protection, tinting strength, colour and shade. �

Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions develops intelligent pilot and laboratory lines in modular system for plastic processing companies and research institutes. The owner-managed company has been in business for more than 45 years and sets worldwide technical and quality standards. Collin solutions are used for the development and production of plastic products, material analysis, test series and pilot tests – which allow scale-up to production scale. �

Colloids is a UK masterbatch company that offers advanced polymer solutions for the engineering sector. Its has bespoke and standard solutions for colouring polymers such as automotive interiors and under-bonnet applications. Selecting the correct polymer and colour formulation allows functional properties such as anti-friction, electrical conductivity, UV protection and chemical resistance to be enhanced. �

Dr. Gupta Verlags is a family-run specialist publish- ing house for the polymer industry based in Ratingen, Germany. The portfolio includes German- language and international trade magazines for the industries related to polyurethane, rubber and thermoplastic elastomers. In addition, Dr. Gupta Verlags offers specialist books and various services on request. �






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