US-based Advanced Blending Solutions (ABS) designs and supplies material handling, blending, and controls for the plastics industry. With repre- sentatives throughout the USA and the world, ABS is a fast-growing company committed to providing the best products and services to meet the unique needs of its customers. �

AGC Chemicals Europe is a fluoropolymer manufacturer and leader in ETFE production. It produces Fluon PTFE and ETFE as well as market- ing other fluorinated products, including Fluon PFA and AFLAS fluoroelastomers. The product range offers protection against heat, chemicals and corrosion, and has applications in a range of industrial areas – including automotive, aerospace and oil and gas. �

AMI is the leading provider of market intelligence, databases, magazines and events for the global plastics processing industry. Its teams of consult- ants, researchers, writers and event organisers understand the global plastics processing industry – including how markets have changed, and where

they are heading. It helps to identify market opportunities, new customers and innovative technologies to help business growth, with reports, conferences and magazines. �

Amut specialises in extrusion and recycling. Its extrusion division provides extruders, downstream equipment and turnkey lines for producing foils, stretch film, sheets, waterproofing membranes, pipes and profiles. Amut Ecotech offers material recovery facilities from post-consumer waste, plastic recovery facilities from post-consumer plastics, industrial and household waste sorting and recovery facility and equipment. �

Avient, which in 2020 posted revenues of US$3.8bn, provides specialised and sustainable material solutions. Its offerings include polymer formulations (such as vinyl powders), polymer additives and colorants, thermoplastic elastomers and advanced composites. In addition, it distrib- utes more than 3,500 grades of engineering and commodity resins. �

Catch up at the conference

There will be a free-to-attend focused conference at the Plastics Extrusion Expo at Messe Essen on 29-30 September 2021. The busy two-day programme has been put together by AMI, which has extensive experience of organising conferences on all types of extrusion, including pipe, profile and tubing production. There will be a debate on the

future for plastics pipes featuring the following panellists: Zoran Davidovski, head of R&D and sustainability at Pipelife; Christian Apel, international projects manager of Polyplastic; and Carsten Janiec, head of sales man- agement for fire protection systems at

Doyma. The debate is chaired by Andy Beevers of AMI. Technical presentations for pipe

producers will include a look at progress in inline plastic pipe meas- urements by Dr Jan Hendrik Peter- mann, product manager at iNOEX. The importance of cooling for extrusion processes will be addressed by Davide Chiavinato, export area manager at EuroChiller, while Johannes Lorenz, key account manager at Dynisco, will discuss inline viscosity measurement. In addition, Angelo Paganizza, area sales manager at FB Balzanelli, will cover the added value of pipe packaging.

There will also be presentations of

interest in the other four conference theatres focused on plastics com- pounding, recycling and testing. For example, the Polymer Testing World Expo conference theatre will host a talk on improved specimen geom- etries for evaluating the performance of butt-fusion joints in PE pipes, delivered by Amir Khamsehnezhad of TWI.

Download the conference bro-

chure featuring the full conference programmes for all five conference theatres here. And register for your free ticket at:

Speakers include (from left) Zoran Davidovski, Andy Beevers, Davide Chiavinato, Jan Hendrik Petermann, Johannes Lorenz, Christian Apel, Angelo Paganizza, Amir Khamsehnezhad

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