But – despite the fact that the pandemic is still having a major impact on the poultry industry, upsetting the delicate balance between supply and demand, as well as causing diffi- culties in international trade – we soldier on. As does the IPPE. “During this difficult time where we are unable to con- nect in-person, the IPPE community of exhibitors and attend- ees represents the best marketplace for products and infor- mation in the poultry, egg, meat and feed industries. IPPE is excited to host our new online IPPE Marketplace, taking place to support our industries”. That marketplace will stay online and can be viewed via

Centre stage On the digital 2021 International Production & Processing Expo Marketplace, more than 70 innovative products and services take centre stage. The IPPE also provided a full week of educa- tion programmes, access to industry trade publications and on-demand TECHTalks on its dedicated YouTube channel. This year’s TECHTalks presentations addressed many topics, includ- ing food safety, animal welfare, sustainability and much more. Each presentation was led by an IPPE exhibitor that shared ex- pertise and experience on the topic. All the contributions could be viewed live and on demand, after the fact, free of charge.

Virtual International Poultry Scientific Forum

Among the live events, it might not have been the big show stopper, but the International Poultry Scientific Forum did attract quite some interest, given that this was where the latest research for the future good of the poultry sec- tor was presented. Sponsored by the Southern Poultry Science Society, the Southern Confer- ence on Avian Diseases and the US Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY), the IPSF pre- sented information on a variety of industry topics, such as environmental management, nutrition, physiology, pathology and avian dis- eases. With a rich history built on more than a century of poultry domestication and study,

the modern poultry industry continues to ex- pand its knowledge and mastery of avian care while finding new and innovative areas of re- search that will help increase its overall suc- cess. These new research developments, along with other industry topics, found their way to a larger virtual audience in 2021. In her key- note speech Ashley Peterson of the National Chicken Council stated: “Covid-19 changed everything, everywhere and has impacted all of us in different ways. The food supply chain was dramatically impacted as dining out op- tions were limited, travel virtually came to a halt, and eating three meals a day at home

became the norm. With the increase in prepar- ing meals at home, grocery sales soared, and the supply chain struggled to keep up with de- mand. Amidst the ever-changing situation, the chicken industry relied on its essential front- line workers to restock grocery shelves and en- sure that we all had safe and nutritious chick- en. The chicken industry adjusted quickly by retrofitting production lines to help. Though 2020 has presented many new challenges and opportunities, the industry has and will con- tinue to provide the number one protein of choice – chicken – with the latest research to keep improving”.

▶ POULTRY WORLD | No. 1, 2021 41

Even though the physical edition of IPPE 2021 was cancelled, the IPPE organisers were able to create a huge buzz online.

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