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The CCPA Group is about to launch in early 2021 an entirely natural alternative for coccidian risk management. Guillaume Piquet, poultry product manager, Marina Panhéleux and Paul-Alexandre Guévellou, poultry nutritionists at the company, explain why and how this innovation can reduce the impact of coccidiosis in poultry.


occidiosis is a parasitic disease which enables other diseases to appear, like the necrotic enteritis, with a huge economic impact (amounting to € 0.21/bird for coccidiosis and € 1/bird for enteritis, Jones and

others, 2016). However, the withdrawal of coccidiostats also presents many problems. These include regulation (such as the withdrawal of ionophore coccidiostats in several forms in Canada and the USA related to the emergence of resistance), economic pressures (i.e. preserving growth performance and feed efficiency), as well as ensuring the development and preservation of a digestive balance, along with meeting pub- lic expectations concerning the hazard of food residues.

What is the rationale behind your work on an entirely natural alternative for coccidian risk management? “Coccidiosis can be prevented through farming methods (e.g. keeping litter dry, along with hygiene and disinfection as oocystes are very resistant in the external environment), and through the use of anticoccidials and vaccination,” Guillaume Piquet explains. “Anticoccidials are nonspecific additives and their use has led to the gradual appearance of resistance. The conventionally-used anticoccidials require dedicated produc- tion lines in feed factories,” he continues. “Vaccination re- mains a high cost alternative with practical implementation constraints for farmers. Taking these existing practices into account, we felt that there was a need to come up with an alternative coccidian management tool.”

What is the composition and mode of action of Oleostat ? “The development of Oleostat took five years of work and re- search in association with the poultry teams of our group in Spain and Mexico, which allowed the CCPA poultry team to conduct trials and on-station tests in different contexts. Our target was to develop a natural alternative differentiated by its composition and synergistic mode of action thus provid- ing both protection against coccidia and fostering animal im- munity.” According to Piquet, among others, Oleostat is an entirely natural formula composed of essential oils extracted

“Our target was to develop a natural alternative allowing both to protect against coccidia and to stimulate animal immunity.”

Product manager Guillaume Piquet believes that alterna- tive coccidiosis management tools are very much needed.

30 ▶ POULTRY WORLD | No. 1, 2021


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