coccidiosis in poultry

from clover (eugenol), turmeric (curcumin) and spices. Essen- tial oils have a protective effect on the intestinal wall, espe- cially in the duodenum, while the associated curcumin spices promote the ‘natural’ defence mechanisms of the bird. “An in vitro trial conducted by Poulpharm (in Belgium) in 2019 veri- fied that the Eimeria spp sporulation (acervulina, maxima and tenella) is greatly reduced with Oleostat.”

Did your trial results confirm the benefit of Oleostat? “Tests carried out in five countries (France, Mexico, Spain, USA and Vietnam) have validated the effectiveness of Oleostat un- der coccidial challenge. A meta-analysis performed in Mexico from five trials (50 replications per trial) confirmed that Oleo- stat results in zootechnical performances (weight, ADG, FCR) close to anticoccidial solutions (ionophores) and superior to a control situation without infection over 0-49 days,” nutrition- ist Marina Panhéleux explains. “Work carried out in 2018 by the Southern Poultry Research Group (SPRG) in the State of Georgia (USA) highlighted the beneficial use of Oleostat in the context of vaccination,” she reports. “The trial involved 1,250 Ross 308 poultry subjected to four treatments (nega- tive and positive control, vaccination with or without Oleo- stat) for 42 days. In this trial, we observed the beneficial effect of Oleostat which, combined with vaccination, gives a weight at 42 days higher than with the vaccine alone. While Oleostat and the vaccine combined resulted in the restoration of a

comparable FCR relative to the negative control batch C- (no infection or treatment) at 42d.” Colleague Paul-Alexandre Guévellou adds: “Further trials con- ducted in France in 2019 by Euronutrition showed the benefi- cial effect of Oleostat on the Reid lesion index which meas- ures the level of intestinal lesions in animals after autopsy. In this trial a single dose of Oleostat resulted in scores of be- tween 0 and 1, unlike other treatments (traditional market solutions) with scores of 3 or 4. Two field trials carried out abroad recently in 2020 confirmed the benefit of using Oleo- stat in broilers. One conducted in Spain involving 200,000 Ross 308 chickens confirmed that Oleostat has a significant effect on lesion score and oocyst excretion. The other trial carried out in Vietnam showed that Oleostat reduces lesion score compared to vaccination alone.” In summary, Oleostat improves zootechnical performance under coccidiosis chal- lenge (weight, FCR, ADG, etc.), balances the digestive flora, reduces lesion score and reduces mortality.

Will you be launching Oleostat globally? Product manager Guilaume Piquet is looking forward to the product launch: “Aimed at various poultry sectors (broilers, pullets, turkeys, breeders), Oleostat will be launched in France and Europe at the beginning of 2021. We will also be targeting other continents and countries interested in this innovation, such as the Asia Pacific region, Latin America and Russia.”

Nutritionist Marina Panheleux has seen the beneficial effect of using Oleostat in extensive trials.

Nutritionist Paul-Alexandre Guevellou says that Oleostat has a significant effect on lesion scores and oocyst excretion.

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