EXHIBITION ▶▶▶ All digital IPPE 2021

Innovations, technical information and scientific knowledge exchange are at the heart of every edition of the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). The 2021 edition was no exception, apart from the fact that it was an all-digital event. In the words of the organisers: “While we are disappointed that we were not be able to host an in-person event, we have enabled our IPPE community to connect via our ‘online Marketplace’.”


urfing through the extensive resources, online semi- nars and exhibitor profiles of the digital IPPE 2021, you could only be impressed. With 1,000 exhibitors, more than 135 TECHTalks, showcasing industry tech-

nology and trends, 70 innovative products and services and, last but not least, 30,000-plus invited participants, the IPPE organisers were able to create a huge buzz. At the same time, as a visitor to the 2020 edition, you found yourself automati- cally harking back to the physical event. Many of us can still

Online Latin American Poultry Summit

Accessible via the all-encompassing IPPE Mar- ketplace, the Latin American Poultry Summit shared the latest insights in what makes the world turn outside of North America. “If a country wants to develop export capacity, they need to pay attention to the southeast Asia region. Today, this region has a significant portion of the growing world population that requires more animal protein,” stated Ricardo Santín, president of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein, during his keynote address on ‘Redeveloping Poultry Export Capacity in Latin America with the Re-opening of the Market’. Santín also emphasised the importance of having many factors converge to create a robust industry within your country. He not- ed that understanding ingredient markets, disease prevention, integration and the


development of value-added products, all become very important when planning to expand capacity and increase efficiency. As part of his keynote address on ‘Poultry Health Status in Latin America: what, how, where and when there will be solutions’, Dr Rafael Fer- nandez, consulting poultry veterinarian from Aves, discussed how biosecurity plays an in- tegral part of any poultry health programme. He observed that biosecurity is key for vacci- nation programmes to work effectively and without that, an operation will be wasting resources. Fernandez also remarked that diag- nostic laboratories are essential to identify infectious agents and that Latin America needs to invest in rapid disease testing. This will reduce its reliance on US laboratories for diagnostics and thus any further delay in timely action to manage diseases.

▶ POULTRY WORLD | No. 1, 2021

Research The Latin American Poultry Summit also featured the results of two research projects sponsored by ALA and the US Poultry & Egg Association. Dr Rebeca Zamora from the University of Costa Rica made a presention on the ‘Development and Validation of Com- mercial Broiler Chicken Welfare Programs’ and discussed her research on implement- ing outcome-based programmes and how these programmes improve overall welfare in commercial broiler production systems. Marconi Italo Lourenço da Silva from the State University of São Paulo presented a paper on the ‘Welfare and Productivity of Broiler Chickens in Enriched Environments,’ in which he discussed his research observations on how environmental enrichment can improve measurable outcomes in poultry welfare.

With over 135 TECHTalks to choose from, virtual visitors to IPPE 2021 could delve into the latest innovations and ab- sorb company information.

remember last year’s edition, bigger than ever, spanning three full exhibition halls. At the same time, the first signs that there was something going on in the outside world were starting to reach us on the exhibition floors. As the 2020 show was closing, not everyone was sure that they would make their flight home. A new bug was closing in and we now know how huge the impact of Covid-19 was to become and still is.


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