Known for its vibrant nightlife and neon lights, Las Vegas, Nevada, might be the perfect place to create something truly weird. And that’s what Christopher Moore has done. Trained primar- ily in industrial design, prop construction, and make-up effects, Moore has clearly fed off the pulsating atmosphere of his hometown to create original and colourful limited release resin fig- ures under his brand, We Become Monsters, which he kicked off af- ter a stint in the film industry. “I wasn’t working in that indus- try anymore, but still wanted to do some art just to stay sane,” Moore tells Rue Morgue. “Making full-size props and creatures is expensive, so I scaled way down, at first sculpting directly onto toys, which felt a lot like doing tiny makeup FX jobs.”

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What began as a hobby soon ballooned, and now you can find We Became Monsters at events such as Ana- heim’s DesignerCon, where Moore launched some tantalizing new collectibles, including his Shuffle Creeps. These battery-powered shuffling fuzzballs feature original sculpted monster faces with huge eyeballs and mouths full of teeth. Look for these creepy creatures to be back in stock in the We Become Monsters web store later this year.

Another of Moore’s notable creations are his

Snoblins. Standing 3.5-inches tall, these pot- bellied resin/acrylic monsters come in various colourways with hand-painted features. Moore provides their snooty back story online, detailing their distaste for anything deemed common or lowbrow. Also of interest is The Heck, a 4-inch version of the larger 7-inch figure known as The Hell (currently un- available). This hand-cast articu- lated resin art toy has many eyes but only two teeth and an insatia- ble appetite for goats.

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Finally, for those who prefer to customize their collectibles, there’s the Wrasslor set, which includes one Wrasslor body, and four in- terchangeable magnetic heads (TeeVee, Skelechub Returns, OG Hell, and DeathHopper). This peculiar set also includes one footstand that can attach to one of the heads to make a unique creature in and of itself. Available in four colourways, the

T to uniq Wrasslor set sells for $120 USD.

We Become Monsters has been turning out fun, original, and inventive nightmare fodder for over a decade now, and Moore doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

“My reward is selling at a price that gets my art out there and lets me make more,” he says. “I’d say the biggest reward is people’s reactions when they really get excited about my work. Watching ShuffleCreeps walk around Design-

THE GHOST OF THE RED BARON MODEL KIT (Monogram Models, Inc., 1969)

After designing such classic 1960s TV show vehicles as The Munsters’ Munster Koach and Drag-u-la, prolific car designer Tom Daniel was contracted by hobby company Monogram to craft designs for numerous auto-themed model kits. One of Daniel’s most famous creations was the Red Bar- on – a trippy hot rod featuring a chrome German military helmet-shaped roof – released in 1968. The following year, Monogram released a second Daniel-designed Red Baron kit – the creepy, skull- faced Ghost of the Red Baron.

Standing 7-inches tall, the all-plastic kit featured a highly detailed skull with eyeballs, yellow-tinted glasses, and a chrome-plated iron cross base and

spiked helmet. Also included were decals and an elastic band to make the skull move like a bobble- head. Easy to assemble, the model could be put together without glue and did not require painting. Featuring fantastic spooky artwork, the box chal- lenged kids to “Discover the curse of the Red Baron in your own darkened room, if you dare!” The kit was recently reissued by the Atlantis Model Com- pany. Difficult to find nowadays, vintage unbuilt, still-boxed kits can sell for up $600 on eBay.


erCon and seeing reactions from everyone was priceless!”

Look for all these creatures and more in the We Become Monsters webstore (WeBe-, with more resin creatures added regularly. All collectibles are made in Las Vegas and orders may also include bonus stick- ers and pins.




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