AT CERSAIE 2017 Schlüter-Systems unveiled a number of new announcements at CERSAIE 2017, continuing its drive to provide customers with inspirational, up-to-the-minute accessories for tile and stone.

First up, the new profile Schlüter- FINEC has been introduced to provide near-invisible edge protection for the corners of tile and stone installations, satisfying the demands of both tile protection and design aesthetics.

The profiles are particularly ideal for use with glass mosaics and thin- format tiles as they are extremely slimline, allowing for the creation of discreet flowing detail.

Unlike comparable offerings from other suppliers, Schlüter- FINEC is available in both anodised aluminium and V2A stainless steel, meaning that discreet edges are possible in both standard and heavy-duty applications. This new addition to Schlüter’s renowned range of profiles is also easy to cut and mitre, making for quick finishing, less wastage and reduced frustration on the part of the installer.

In the second of its new announcements, three of the most in-demand profile finishes, available

Natural stone and porcelain surfaces feature throughout the luxurious kitchens and bathrooms, and residents’ Business and Leisure Suites.

Stone & Ceramic’s installation includes mosaics and porcelain tiles for the stunning pool surround and stone for the imposing 70m2 feature wall. A variety of porcelain and natural surfaces were also installed throughout ‘The Colonnade’ business centre, including a five- metre long stone feature desk.

Working alongside Stone & Ceramic, FILAPROJECT recommended a range of

treatments for the different surfaces and their specific locations. They included concentrated acid detergent, FILA Deterdek, which has a safe, buffered formulation; degreasing and stain removing FILAPS87; universal, ph-neutral FILACLEANER; organic stain remover, FILASR95, and water- based gel cleaner, FILANOPAINT STAR. All treatments provided high performance whilst safe-guarding the surface characteristics.

from the stylish Schlüter-TRENDLINE range, can now be applied to the internal wall corner profile, Schlüter-DILEX-AHK, as well as all associated accessories. The new opportunity to finish these items in ivory, stone grey or dark anthracite will allow specifiers and tilers to achieve flowing expanses of matching profile protection from wall edges to corners, creating a smooth visual harmony or continuous bold accents as desired.

Finally, Schlüter-Systems is excited to introduce three new drain grates, which will soon be available across linear and point drain designs. With so many options available in the way of tiles, Schlüter recognises that drains are an increasingly important element in a wetroom. The new designs— Floral, Curve and Pure—have been developed with current bathroom trends in mind, yet are versatile and neutral enough to stand the test of time.

• Floral: A geometric design with just the right amount of softness, Floral’s uniform pattern makes it equally suitable for wetrooms with a structured industrial or softly textured theme

• Curve: The simple, playful accents of the Curve design translate into grates that are the perfect complement to all manner of trends—from the organic feel of a natural retreat to the clean-cut lines of a reduced geometric wetroom

• Pure: Crisp and minimalist, Pure is a no-fuss, no-frills design that is great to have at hand for its timeless looks

The new grate designs will be available in Schlüter’s ever-popular brushed stainless steel finish. In addition, all of the new grate designs come equipped with an invisible frame, making for easy cleaning and a sharp, sleek aesthetic. The linear variants will be available from late October and point variants from late November. — 09 —

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