CLAIRE BEAUTY STORE Tile supplier Solus Ceramics brought a touch of elegance to the brand new London beauty store with the installation of its natural stone- inspired Trench floor tile range.

Fabled, a well-known cosmetic store from Marie Claire, is located in London’s Tottenham Court Road. The two-level flagship beauty store was created to convey a journey to the consumer and this is where Solus Ceramics’ Trench range took centre stage.

Laura Dainton, Studio Manager at gspstudio, the interior designers on the project, said: “We designed an experiential space that encourages customers to explore and engage with the products on display. We specifically chose Solus Ceramics’ tiles first and foremost because they met our aesthetic requirements for

the space and sat well within our material palette.

“The interiors were largely driven by Fabled’s brand personality, which is friendly and engaging. As a result, we made the decision to use simple natural materials, such as concrete and plywood, and to leave a lot of the building as it stood.”

The Trench range is inspired by Italian architecture and is populated with speckles and tonal variations. Trench offers the look of intensely structured granite in the form of highly engineered porcelain.

Laura continued: “Due to the nature of the product, the Trench range ticked all of the boxes for us as we needed something practical, non- porous and easy to maintain, and that is exactly what Solus Ceramics provided for us. We also used large format tiles as they perfectly reflected the scale of the space available and created a monolithic, pared back feel.”

Pete Toule, Area Sales Manager at Solus Ceramics, said: “Fabled has been a stunning project to work alongside gpstudio with. From start to finish, the project has been exactly what we imagined and we are extremely pleased with the end result.

“One of our favourite aspects of the striking design was the way in which the large-format tiles were used. The Trench range provided a remarkable finish, which echoed the sophistication of the building.”

become an S2 product by simply mixing with Mapei Latex Plus. Keraquick S1 is Mapei’s number one selling S1 adhesive with an average of 150,000 sqm of tile and stone being installed using this product in the UK and Ireland each month.


ADHESIVES FAMILY Mapei UK is consistently adding to its ‘Kera’ portfolio of products, with Keraquick Ultrafast S1 being the latest item to join the family.

Mapei’s family of ‘Kera’ products have been developed to cover all aspects of tile fixing, with Keraquick Ultrafast S1 providing an exceptional fast-track addition.

Kerabond is one of the longest- serving members of the family and is a good ‘all-rounder’. This standard setting adhesive is available in white and grey and is used to install ceramic tiles to wall and floors. With an extended open

— 10 —

time and pot-life the product is ideal for all levels of fixing ability.

Keraflex is an improved formulation of the Kerabond adhesive and, as such, is suitable for the installation of both ceramic and porcelain tiles to walls and floors.

Keraflex Maxi S1 has increased deformability compared to standard Keraflex, as it conforms to the required standards of S1. The product can also be bedded out to 15mm in depth and is ideal for the installation of larger wall and floor ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Keraquick S1 has been formulated especially for those people requiring fast-track systems. Keraquick S1 is an S1 adhesive and can be enhanced further again to

Keralastic is a two-part PU adhesive, specifically developed for those awkward materials used in substrate selection or tile to be installed.

The most recent addition to the Mapei Kera Family is Keraquick Ultrafast S1, available in a 10kg unit size which will fix up to 2-2.5sqm of tiles. Ideal for smaller bathroom floor installations or when rapid repairs are needed, Keraquick Ultrafast S1 remains workable for 15 minutes but can be trafficked after only 60 minutes, with grouting able to take place after 90 minutes. The product is deformable and perfect for those areas where a fast track S1 product is required.

Whether you need to undertake specific preparation work or require an ultra-fast setting product, the Mapei Kera family has an adhesive for any situation.

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