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Hello and welcome to the September/October issue of Tomorrow’s Tile & Stone!

With show season nearing an end, the new year is drawing closer and we have reached the penultimate issue of TTS for 2017.

As the year races by, I’m sure many of you will be starting to think of ideas for 2018 to help your designs and services standout from the competition.

To provide some inspiration and guidance, we have case studies, detailed advice and expert opinion from some big industry names for our feature focuses on Mosaics; Natural Stone; and Adhesives.

If you’re keen to add a modern twist to an ancient art form, check out our

Mosaics section to find advice on how to do so from the likes of Leigh Price, from Real Stone & Tile, and Sian O’Neill, Head of Marketing and Online at Topps Tiles. You can also discover the history behind the design, as Anil Shemar, Marketing Manager at building supplier BUILT/., discusses its evolution.

Investigate the debate of ‘Real vs. Fake’ in our Natural Stone section,

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where stone artisan Juan Roig discusses how marble is making a resurgence and compares it to that of artificial stone.

For something more technical, have a look at our Adhesives section for guidance and tips from BAL, Norcros and more.

As usual, we also have all the latest news and developments from the

forefront of the industry and another insight into the life of an industry expert in the ‘Ten Questions’ feature.

Enjoy the issue! EDITOR’S VOICE

Georgie Whitworth, Editor Follow us on twitter or tweet us @TomorrowsTS — 03 —

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