Sian O’Neill, Head of Marketing and Online at Topps Tiles, comments on the rise and versatility of the mosaic tile.

Despite purse strings being tightened and disposable income decreasing, consumers are still looking for ways to give their home a makeover in a bid to improve rather than move. The current trend for stylish mosaic tiles has allowed tilers to offer their customers a versatile option for refreshing their living space.

Whether a homeowner is looking to update a kitchen, bathroom or beyond, recommending the right floor or wall tiles is a crucial step in transforming any space. Mosaic tiles are extremely versatile and can be used to add colour and texture to the decor of almost any room in the house. The key to using mosaic tiles is to choose the right size and colour of tiles for the space that is being decorated and the overall purpose of the room.

Tiles are a fabulous way to elevate the bathroom from a purely functional area to a real hero space. Mosaics are perfect for use in the bathroom, whether in the shower, behind the bathtub, above the sink or any alcoves. Use in one block colour to contrast with or complement the colour scheme in the rest of the bathroom, or alternatively choose a bold pattern to create a point of interest. If tilers are working with customers seeking something more adventurous for their bathroom, using a mosaic tile design with added texture, colour or a pattern on the floor, and/or as a feature wall, adds that wow factor.

When it comes to choosing splashbacks for the kitchen, mosaic tiles are an established and popular

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choice because they are so versatile and hardwearing, saving walls from greasy marks and food splatter. With splashbacks being such a focal point within the kitchen, you can get away with more vibrant colours and patterns given that it’s only in a small space. Bold tiles have seen a revival in modern day interiors and can be used to create an individual style statement that injects personality into the room. Consider intricately patterned mosaics or natural stone for something with a luxe feel.

It’s also important not to overlook the colour of grout used when laying mosaics, as this can provide the finishing touch and accentuate certain colours and textures. A darker grout is ideal for areas of the home that are subjected to food spills and splatters, such as the kitchen, not to mention adding a stylish touch to the décor. Colours like grey, black or brown are lower maintenance compared to their paler counterparts that can show stains more easily.

At Topps Tiles, we have seen a significant increase in customers choosing from our extensive range of mosaic tiles as they seek to liven up their living spaces. Installers and designers must fully understand this popular trend and be knowledgeable when advising their customers. By doing this, they are staying ahead of the game and will reap the rewards of an expert reputation, helping with customer retention and winning new business.

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