Nigel Welsh, Managing Director of Measure Square, discusses the estimation software that can make life easier

for tiling professionals and help provide their clients with an efficient and problem-free service.

Virtual reality and 3D visualisation technology will enhance colour selection processes for tiling businesses- imagine clients attending appointments to select tile décor, promising to put them in the actual room before it’s even built. VR, 3D visualisation and MeasureSquare estimation software will provide clients with a seamless experience, revolutionising the home building and renovation process.

MeasureSquare is a global brand of estimation software specifically developed for residential and commercial flooring companies, installers and contractors; capable of estimating any floor or wall product or service.

The computer-aided software and application is designed to run on Windows IOS and Android operating systems, giving the user the ability to Measure, Plan, and Estimate any flooring product and line item or service associated with a flooring project.

MeasureSquare Commercial

MeasureSquare Estimation PC-based software editions make short work of large commercial estimations-simply import an architectural plan in PDF, image or CAD file format, scale it within five seconds, and begin your take-off. Capable of estimating any flooring or wall-based product and service, MeasureSquare Commercial makes estimating both simple and complicated tiling jobs quick and easy.

Profiling is one unique tool designed specifically for tiling – simply create

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a design on one wall and apply to all other walls if required. Create profiles standards for shower recesses, splash backs, calculate in square metre or lineal metre, install complicated tile patterns or even create your own custom tile patterns.

MeasureSquare Mobile

For those who want to measure onsite, MeasureSquare iPad App has been developed to allow a user to quickly measure, plan and estimate all types of flooring and wall products. Measuring is made even easier with the use of an integrated laser measuring functionality, simply connect a Leica Disto with Bluetooth to MeasureSquare, point and shoot and watch the plan being drawn on your MeasureSquare App.

FloorLink CRM and Job Management Cloud

based Software Efficient communications and collaboration between flooring sales staff, store support, and installation contractors have not always been easy. Not so long ago and still today, two diaries and a mix of emails and text messages can be the extent of making sure everything runs smoothly.

FloorLink keeps everyone on the same page. Synchronising data across FloorLink CRM and job management cloud-based software, XERO cloud-based financial software and PC desktop editions of MeasureSquare estimation software.

Why choose MeasureSquare? • Saves incredible amounts of time

• Significant reductions in waste • Significant reductions in mistakes • Significant increase in accuracy • Electronic storage of estimation data

• Effective communication with installers, customers, and suppliers

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