Luxurious Comfort from Interfloor

UK manufacturer Interfloor, will be showcasing its underlay and edgings innovations at this year’s Flooring Show in Harrogate from 16th-18th September on Stand B16/31.

New to its professional Duralay brand is a specialist collection of luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) underlays and adhesives designed to make floors even more comfortable underfoot and to ensure the tiles look good for longer.

The LVT underlays are quick to fit, easy to work with, and help to reduce the risk of damage to flooring due to uneven sub-floors. The three underlays are: Duralay LVT Multi-fit which can be fitted loose lay; Duralay LVT Low-Grab, a versatile solution for ‘click fit’ luxury tiles; and Duralay LVT Dry-back with a high grab backing. The accompanying range of LVT adhesives are suitable for single stick, double-stick or for directly sticking LVT to the sub-floor.

With consumers demanding ever higher quality finishes for their interiors projects, Interfloor has introduced a high-end addition to its existing Gripperrods range to give retailers and

Floorwise Pro-Screed Sets the Gold Standard

A champion of high-level performance, versatility and value for money, Pro-Screed Gold is the two-part levelling and smoothing compound from floorwise, screed and adhesive experts.

High-quality powder and latex liquid combine to make Pro-Screed Gold the go-to bag and bottle levelling and smoothing choice, this product’s far-reaching credentials making it the ideal companion to installers who demand nothing but the best. With Pro-Screed Gold there is no need to prime, meaning installers can reduce time spent on-site, with rapid setting and excellent flow properties also adding to the product’s ease of use.

Richard Bailey, Managing Director, floorwise, said: “Since its launch one

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installers an opportunity to provide the perfect detailed finish. The new Premier floor edgings are available in modern finishes that will complement the current trends in luxury home accessories.

Continuing the theme of luxurious and quality interiors, Tredaire underlays have an unmatched reputation for providing additional warmth and underfoot comfort. Tredaire Premium High Density (PHD) underlays are all 180kg/m³ and offer superior protection for carpets that is longer lasting and better performing.

They all have excellent heat insulation properties and high acoustic ratings to reduce noise, plus they are made from 100% recycled foam.

Gary Cowley, Interfloor Sales Director, said: “Consumers are looking for quality finishing touches to their new flooring and our extended range of underlays and accessories allows retailers to respond by up-selling quality products that will make the difference for the consumer and boost profits.”

conditions they may face upon arrival at site.”

Pro-Screed Gold can be used over old adhesive residue to again increase the speed of a job, and is compatible with underfloor heating systems. floorwise’s latest two-part levelling and smoothing compound is also moisture tolerant, ensuring an installation of supreme quality no matter the condition of the subfloor, and even when the presence of a damp proof membrane is lacking.

Meeting the performance levels of the very best competition inthe market,

year ago, Pro Screed Gold has been enjoyed by contractors and installers for its versatility and value for money.

“But it is a 90-minute setting time

that really sets Pro-Screed Gold apart, saving precious time no matter what

Pro-Screed Gold lives up to its

name in helping to provide gold standard installations, and is available from floorwise distributors throughout the UK and Ireland now.

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