Many consumers also have maintenance concerns when it comes to wool carpet, which is a misconception. With a protective outer membrane and layered structure, wool carpet can resist liquids and grime – giving homeowners the time they need to soak up any spills. The WoolSafe organisation offers best practice carpet care advice and a number of resources for retailers looking to help homeowners keep their wool carpet looking at its best.

Wool fibre’s coiled spring structure also means wool carpet is resistant to flattening and is proven to look great for longer - providing excellent value for money and offering an ideal solution for busy areas where wool has tended to be less frequently featured because of these misgivings.

Keeping Retailers in the Loop

At Lawton Yarns, we’re committed to raising awareness of the significant benefits that wool carpet can bring into homes. A good quality carpet starts with a good quality yarn, and we work with leading carpet manufacturers to bring the highest quality wool carpets to market. Thanks to over 100 years of product development and innovations like soft touch yarns, which combine wool with other materials to create a silkier finish while retaining wool’s unique properties, we know a thing or two about the value-added benefits of wool carpet for consumers.

But we can’t tackle this alone.

There is an exciting window of opportunity for getting across the ‘buy wool’ message; with all things raw, organic and inherently sustainable being very much in people’s consciousness. For the industry, it’s understanding how we can tap into these emotional triggers by creating greater knowledge of wool’s properties and convert a wider societal movement into growing sales for the wool carpet sector.

Both British Wool and carpet manufacturers offer support for retailers to communicate the natural attributes of wool carpet on the shop floor and equip consumers to make an informed decision about the best flooring for their home. At our factory and showroom in Dewsbury, for example, we offer retailers an in-depth look at how wool yarn for carpets is made, as well as supporting materials to help retailers communicate this information to their customers.

It’s time for both retailers and manufacturers to work together to take the lesser known and more hard-hitting benefits of nature’s wonder material to consumers. Together, the research shows, we can make a difference.

Having gained insights into consumer perspectives on wool carpet, we’re keen to better understand retailers’ experiences of selling wool carpet to today’s modern homeowner. Have your say in our survey and be in with a chance of winning a £100 M&S voucher. Complete the survey here. Tomorrow’s Retail Floors | 21

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