FOCUS ON CARPETS, RUGS & ACCESSORIES Stairway to Heaven Choosing flooring for stairways can be tougher than first thought.

Here, flooring supplier United Carpets & Beds shares its top tips to help you advise your customer on the best carpet for their staircase.

As the centre of a home, the staircase is likely to be the first thing visitors see when they walk through the front door. Not only is it one of the most visible places in the home, but the staircase and hallway also has higher footfall than the rest of the house, so needs to be practical too.

There are a couple of things for the customer to consider when looking for new flooring for the stairway and landing:

Mucky Pups

Muddy shoes, pottering pets and sloshing cups of tea can all be the enemy of a stair carpet, so preparation is key; enter the stain-resistant carpet.

Polypropylene carpets are good to look out for, especially for family households with little feet that like to explore. Being both bleach cleanable and stain-resistant makes polypropylene perfect for stairways and a parenting dream!

All About The Base

Never underestimate a good foundation. Having the right underlay for carpet means that not only will it be squishy, comfy and cosy to walk on, but it will be able to stand much more wear and tear.

Homeowners often make the mistake of relying on old underlay that is already laid, however this can be prone to crumble or collapse. A fresh, thick underlay will work best as it will have the perfect bounce for a stairway carpet and will also prolong its lifespan.

Every member of the household uses the stairs, including those of the four-legged variety. Make sure they’re not forgotten when considering the best flooring option for stairways. Frieze carpeting consists of densely distributed short twisted fibres and is great if pets tend to scratch at flooring, as it’s harder to ‘snag’ than longer pile carpets.

Co-Ordination Is Key

When it comes to home interiors, the hallway and staircase can have a huge role to play. As the first thing that visitors see when they walk into a house, it really leaves a lasting impression.

For enviable interiors, neutral homes could opt for a statement carpet and choose a bold print or colour that will make the focal point of a home truly pop.

Alternatively, for fairly bright and bold homes, having a neutral passage between rooms would be ideal. This allows for the home’s different aesthetics to be appreciated.

Try before you buy – offering a sample service proves invaluable for customers. Being able to see a specific carpet colour or texture in-situ can make the world of difference.

22 | Tomorrow’s Retail Floors Pile Up

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the pile of the carpet. A dense pile will ensure durability and resilience; both of which are much needed on a staircase.

A twist pile offers those positives too, with an added bonus of being slightly softer to the touch; amazing underfoot.

A minimum pile height of 5mm will guarantee comfort; the thickness and resilience of a carpet can be checked by pressing your thumb down on the carpet, the quicker it springs back to normal height, the more suited the carpet is for high footfall areas.

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