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Here, Veolia introduces their scalable and unique laboratory water purification range – PURELAB Chorus.

The latest additions to Veolia’s PURELAB Chorus range - PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete and PURELAB Chorus 2+ - give you even more freedom to design the ideal laboratory water purification system that suits your exact needs.

As part of the government’s new industrial strategy, designed to help businesses cope after Britain’s departure from the EU, significant investment in the R&D scientific market has been made. As a result, many laboratories are growing and the demand for laboratory water purification systems is changing.

WHY PURELAB CHORUS? For the most sophisticated research and testing applications such as inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, ultra-trace analysis and molecular biology techniques, ultimate water purity is needed to prevent interference and inaccurate results. The PURELAB Chorus range provides the leading, most flexible and cost effective way of doing this. It is a modular system that can be configured in a number of ways to suit the needs and budgets of all types of laboratories.

PURELAB Chorus is scalable, compact and versatile. Units can be configured as stackable, bench top, wall mounted or under benches, whilst the Halo dispense unit can be located at up to four metres from the purification unit, even if it’s in another lab.

If your needs change now, or in the future, PURELAB Chorus is highly adaptable so it grows as your laboratory expands.

Most importantly, you are no longer restricted to one single solution.

Electrodeionisation (EDI) technology The PURELAB Chorus 2+ uses EDI technology that combines ion exchange resins and ion-selective membranes with direct current to efficiently remove ionised impurities from water. Unlike any competing solution, PURELAB Chorus 2+ fully recirculates to maintain and measure purity (>15 MΩ.cm), ensuring no deterioration in purified water quality over time. It produces consistently high-purity water at economical running costs for a wide range of applications, including sophisticated research and testing, qualitative analyses, feeding ultrapure water systems and glassware washing.

Assured safety and service excellence The PURELAB Chorus is compliant with safety and electromagnetic EU CE directives and is approved and tested by an accredited external company. This is coupled with customised service excellence from the highly reliable and renowned team at Veolia Water Technologies.

The PURELAB Chorus range, now with PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete, PURELAB Chorus 2 and PURELAB Chorus 2+, meets shifting requirements in this expanding market. The range offers:

• Choice and flexibility to design modular solutions to suit your laboratory and the ability to upgrade and reconfigure as your needs change over time.

• Market-leading electrodeionisation (EDI) technology that guarantees water purity with no break-through of organics, silicon or boron, and ensures elimination of weakly ionised impurities.

• An uninterrupted water flow and multiple points of dispense.

• A unique double purification pack and real-time total organic control (TOC) measurement for constant proof of organic purity and confidence in research results.

• Easy integration into a laboratory, large or small. • Optimised use of consumables.

If you are interested in finding out more about the PURELAB Chorus range, contact our team on (0) 203 567 7400 or email

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