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Many UK customers are routinely using instruments which are well into their second decade; Imperial College London is working with one of BMG LABTECH’s early microplate readers. “We have used the machine for many different assays and have always got great results. It has primarily been used for cell-based assays, but we have also used it extensively for enzymes, kinetics, and chemical reactivity. The service the POLARstar®


has given has been outstanding and it truly has been multifunctional throughout its lifetime. We still have a range of assays that are routinely run on the instrument on a weekly basis, and the reproducibility and accuracy is always excellent,” explained Nigel Gooderham, Professor of Molecular Toxicology.

The University of Leicester uses a NOVOstar® microplate

reader that was installed 13 years ago. “The support that we have received from BMG LABTECH has been first-class. They have always strived to ensure that the machine is performing as it should and as we would like it to. There has always been somebody on the end of a phone ready to talk to me or, alternatively, to come in and help. This support has been extremely helpful over the years, and I really appreciate the fact that it was available even when we were perhaps not well-financed,” said Gary Willars from University of Leicester.

Reliability and a long operating life have been keys in the development of BMG LABTECH’s microplate readers. Jason Heath from the School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield, U.K. uses a 16-year-old POLARstar®

Galaxy to read a range of assays, such as

protein quantification or detection of products labelled with fluorescein isothiocyanate. “We do have a second reader from another manufacturer in the school that was purchased approximately eight years ago. Over the years, this second machine has been out of action several times with various faults and shows none of the longevity of our original BMG LABTECH POLARstar®

, which has only ever

been visited for very occasional routine servicing,” said Heath. BMG LABTECH’s long-lasting products deliver excellent and reproducible results over decades when routinely maintained.

BMG LABTECH has always been committed to producing microplate readers focusing on the needs of the scientific community; the company’s innovative microplate readers have earned the company the reputation of being a technology leader in the field. BMG LABTECH has developed a wide range of dedicated and multi-mode microplate readers for life sciences applications and high-throughput screening. There is an extensive sales and support network, extending beyond Germany and the UK with offices in the USA, Australia, Japan and France backed by experienced distribution channels worldwide. All the subsidiaries, regional offices and distributors are committed to bringing you the highest level of customer support for the innovative microplate readers with the quality and reliability you expect from a German company.

BMG LABTECH microplate reader design is synonymous with innovation and throughout the years has introduced

a series of ‘firsts’ to the microplate reader market. The first multi-detection microplate reader including fluorescence polarization, the first laser-based microplate nephelometer, the first combination microplate reader with high-performance luminescence capabilities, the first compact fluorescence reader with an integrated pipettor system for kinetic assays, the first multidetection microplate readers with integrated UV/Vis Absorbance Spectrometer, the first integrated dual gas control system for plate readers and the first and only plate reader to use Linear Variable Filter technology.

The combination of technologies used in the BMG LABTECH readers ensures high performance, high speed, and unbeatable flexibility in all detection modes. The modular and upgradable design of the instruments means that you can select only the detection modes that suit your needs - with the option to add others in the future, if and when you need them. In addition to the flexibility and upgradability of the BMG LABTECH instruments the company’s applications and technical support teams will be there for customers for the lifetime of their microplate reader.

“BMG has always been committed to producing

microplate readers focusing on the needs of the scientific community”

“Today BMG LABTECH is at the forefront of technology due to its continuous development of innovative and unique technologies in microplate reading”, says Robert Mount, Managing Director, BMG LABTECH Ltd (UK). “BMG also recognises the importance of comprehensive approaches to customer support and has a highly-qualified and fully-trained customer support team, which includes applications specialists, engineers and a dedicated technical support desk. We also offer applications support for the lifetime of all our instrumentation, something that we know makes a key difference to our customers”.

“Since its incorporation there have been many changes at BMG LABTECH Ltd (UK). Team BMG LABTECH UK has grown and developed into a premium company, offering the very best in customer support for the high quality German-designed and built range of microplate readers. 2017 marks a milestone year in which I anticipate further growth to support both our existing customer base and enhance our offering to new customers”, adds Robert.

This year celebrates 21 years of BMG LABTECH’s UK subsidiary established in Aylesbury in 1996. Throughout 2017 various events and promotions are planned for the UK customers in celebration of the 21st anniversary of UK customer service excellence. Tomorrow’s Laboratories | 11

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