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R&D FACILITY GAMA Healthcare Ltd, a world leader in the manufacture and development of infection prevention products for the healthcare sector, progresses with plans to build a two-story state- of-the-art research and development facility in Halifax.

The proposed development, spread across 11,765 square feet, is projected to cost £2m and comprises a contemporary open-office environment with advanced research laboratories and auxiliary space to produce and test product samples.

Managing Director & Co-Founder of GAMA Healthcare, Dr. Guy Braverman commented: “Plans for the new R&D facility are geared towards facilitating an up-to-date environment for research and innovation breakthroughs with industry leading practices. The laboratories will be capable of conducting detailed up-to-date research in all aspects of microbiology, infection control and analytical chemistry. A pilot plant is being incorporated to allow experimental small product runs enabling our teams


CAPABILITIES Eurofins Food and Water Testing UK and Ireland has strengthened its position as a leader in its field by giving the green light on an expansion of laboratories at its Wolverhampton headquarters.

The £1.5m investment will increase capacity at the i54 site and will bring even greater food and water testing capabilities, underlining the firm’s commitment to innovation.

The 1,000 square metre development will see food microbiology laboratories expanded on the ground floor, while water

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hygiene testing will be expanded in a new first floor extension, alongside a larger staff canteen.

This enhances the overall capabilities of the site, complementing the investment in the expansion of food chemistry and contaminants completed in 2016.

Patrick Harte, General Manager at Eurofins Food and Water Testing UK and Ireland, said: “This extension reinforces our commitment to further increasing the services we

can offer, harnessing our world- leading laboratory expertise.

“Our investment also means we are future-proofing the facility, widening the scope of what we can offer, giving customers even greater insight to help them make truly informed commercial decisions.”

It is anticipated the new development will be complete by this autumn.

for us to expand. In the first year of operation, GAMA Healthcare will be looking to recruit for at least 10 new positions for varied roles in microbiology, biomedical science, chemistry, quality control, analytical services, technician and administration,” said Dr Braverman.

to conduct trials and be proactive with quality assurance and internal testing. The facility will also incorporate a mock hospital room to replicate real life scenarios.”

GAMA Healthcare is aligning their new laboratories with standards set out in the ISO 17025 standards, although the facility won’t initially be accredited. The building will be an offspring to GAMA Healthcare’s head office in Watford and support their international presence, involving offices in six cities across three continents.

If approved, the R&D institute will be a paramount resource to GAMA Healthcare, as well as the professional community locally.

“ The new infrastructure, we’re proposing, provides a progressive permanent home and allots room

GAMA Healthcare’s previous workplace in Calderdale was badly damaged in the Boxing Day floods in 2015 and since, six members of staff have been working nearby in a temporary space. To bring GAMA Healthcare’s vision to fruition, ensuring all requirements are met, they’ve sourced Fletcher-Rae, Manchester based architectural firm, to technically design the scheme. Their plans involve demolishing the former 1970s Riverside House to make way for their custom built R&D project. The new build is designed to blend in with the neighbouring developments, complement the woodlands and overlook the River Calder with landscape grounds and a large spacious terrace.

GAMA Healthcare, under the sub- brand of Clinell, Carell, Cleanall, is now the largest supplier of wet and dry wipes in the United Kingdom. Their products are in every NHS hospital are sold in 60 countries worldwide.

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