The range of services this system was built to meet include (but not limited to): Reactive tasks; portering; cleaning; catering; space management; admin-on- demand; and integrated service module (ISM).

While all of the modules utilised can be found in our already robust Concept Evolution platform, we ensured that we provided a dedicated environment, free of data from the typical communal Concept enterprise environments.

Furthermore, we were proud to offer any and all modules required completely free of charge (with the exception of a minimum third party cost). Our core motivation was to help Interserve meet all requirements in ensuring the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West was set up to look after patients for as long as was necessary, with both sides demonstrating a powerful ‘whatever it takes’ attitude.

This attitude was vital in guiding this project through to its successful conclusion. From bringing together relevant experts from both FSI and Interserve to confi gure the system as rapidly as possible, to effi ciently tracking all details in shared documents, the strong communication between all teams was vital in hitting the tight deadline.

“They [FSI] really brought their A-Game, they had all their top people working on the project from start to fi nish,” said Clare Banks, Head of Business Change at Interserve.

“The system was set up as a standalone hosted system for NHS Nightingale North West as they did not want to risk it being on a shared platform as we needed the fl exibility to change. They offered 24/7 support and – like us – worked around the clock.”

This went far beyond a ‘business-as-usual’ approach – our teams were on-hand from the start of the project all the way through to launch, as well as offering consistent support for any issues that emerged post-launch.

Staying agile throughout As well as the tight deadline, Interserve also had to contend with frequent changes to the layout and confi guration of the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West itself. New information and alterations were arriving on a daily basis as the pandemic progressed, so it was critical that the system they employed and the support we offered were fl exible in meeting these ever-evolving demands.

To best support Interserve in managing this project, our team at FSI took ownership of confi guring the system and adapting it in accordance with any changes. We brought together experts from across our organisation to contribute to this in a timely fashion, guaranteeing that the project proceeded on schedule while accommodating changing clinical needs.

Following our confi gurations, testers at Interserve would verify that the system fulfi lled the needs of this unique environment. Again, strong communication between both teams was hugely benefi cial in ensuring any issues were dealt with rapidly and that the project remained agile throughout. TOMORROW’S FM | 47

In addition, we provided Interserve access to our out of hours support service (again, provided free-of-charge) to give reassurance that any issues that emerged post- launch would be resolved swiftly.

Managing ‘the red zones’ A fi nal unique challenge that Project Nightingale presented was the use of ‘red zones’ within the building. These are highly controlled and hazardous zones, where staff would be required to wear PPE at all times and take extra precautions around infected patients. As such, it would not be feasible for people who access these areas to utilise our range of mobile workforce apps.

To help overcome this challenge, we fi rst implemented our Live View module to provide a clear, colour-coded layout of the building. This allows users to identify the red zones as well as offer any further important locational information.

In addition, to meet the issue of staff not being able to use smartphones in these zones, a mix of mobile and radio devices was employed to ensure cross-contamination didn’t take place within the facilities. Our team also altered the implementation of our mobile solutions to simplify the workfl ow, including some confi guration at our own cost.

A bright future By pulling together with the team from Interserve, we were able to rapidly mobilise a purpose-built CAFM solution for the NHS Nightingale North West Hospital within the narrow deadline set, a feat that we are deeply proud of.

Taking into account the speed in which the project had to be completed, the setup was seamless and ongoing maintenance costs have remained low. In addition, there have been no speed or downtime issues. Off the back of this success, Interserve won at the IWFM Impact Awards 2020, in the ‘Workplace Experience: Non-Offi ce / Corporate Environment’ category.

The signifi cant effort behind the mobilisation of this project cannot be understated, and the commitment shown by both teams to ensure that the hospital was prepared to meet the needs of patients at this unprecedented time for the UK and the world in general.

Finally, we feel this project has strengthened the relationship between FSI and Interserve immeasurably. We hope that this helps forge a fi rmer strategic partnership between both parties in projects in the future and look forward to more success stories alongside their team.

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