FROM ERGOTRON Ergotron, a global company focused on improving how people work, learn, play and care for others, has launched its HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot, a monitor arm designed specifically for deep, ultra- wide curved monitors, in the EMEA region. With more people working and gaming from home than ever, demand for monitor arms has increased significantly, and the latest offering from Ergotron provides a fully immersive viewing experience.

Based on user feedback, Ergotron combined its popular HX Desk Monitor Arm with its HX Heavy-Duty Tilt Pivot accessory into one product specifically for large, curved monitors. Currently, this is one of the only monitor arms available for the premium Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor—a 49” wide, 12” deep curved screen popular in the gaming community.

“For gamers and remote workers who prefer large, immersive

CHSA WELCOMES SOCIUS The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association is delighted to welcome the Socius Network into the Association.

The Network was welcomed on board after each of its 18 members successfully passed the initial audit conducted by the CHSA’s Independent Inspector.

The Socius Network is an association of well-respected and established independent distributors of non- food consumables to the foodservice industry. The Network was founded in April 2008. Between them, its members have over 25 locations covering the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Mike Revell, Managing Director of the Socius Network Ltd, said: “Our goal is always to provide the very best service and top quality products to our customers. Joining the CHSA and becoming an Accredited Distributor was a natural step forward. We are looking forward to being an active member, supporting the CHSA’s key initiatives.”


monitors, enhancing their setup with a monitor arm is essential for optimal performance and viewing,” said Paul Zuidema, MD at Ergotron in EMEA. “The HX Monitor Arm with HD Pivot gives back valuable desk space and provides flexibility to adjust heavier displays with a deep curve. It brings a gaming or remote working setup to the next level.”

The solid, durable design allows users to easily tilt and move their screen while protecting the investment of a large, quality monitor. Without the addition of the HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot, the Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor can take up to three feet of valuable desk space—this addition enables users to reclaim their space

and lift the screen above the desktop. A wide range of motion and easy adjustment allows for precise screen positioning throughout the workday or gaming session.

Mike Stubbs, Chairman of the CHSA’s Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes, said: “We are pleased to welcome the Socius Network. Our manufacturing members include multinationals with a global footprint and major UK- based independent manufacturers. Our distributor members span national networks to privately owned independent businesses. Socius makes a valuable addition to our membership and will help us drive forward our agenda.”

CHSA membership is a stamp of approval. It operates Accreditation Schemes for distributors and for manufacturers of plastic-based, of cotton-based, of cleaning and hygiene chemicals, and of paper-based and woven products. Every member of the CHSA has also signed the Association’s rigorous Code of Practice. It requires them to ‘maintain a high standard in the conduct of its business’.

The combination of the Code of Practice and Accreditation Scheme membership means every member:

The HX Desk Monitor Arm with HD Pivot fits large monitors with a curve 6” to 12” (15.2 to 30.4 cm) deep and weighing 28 to 42 lbs (12.7 to 19.1 kg).

• Trades ethically and sustainably;

• Provides quality, fit for purpose products; and

• Makes sure what’s on the box is what’s in the box.

Our Standards, Your Guarantee.

The CHSA’s Code of Practice and Accreditation Schemes are underpinned by Independent Inspection. The Independent Inspector, an experienced quality assurance professional, visits every member to ensure compliance. The Inspector conducted 146 audits in 2020, equaling the number conducted in 2019. Members across all the Schemes achieved compliance of 93% or more.

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