The cleaner’s knowledge of frequently-touched surfaces is tested and a range of tips and tricks are provided. These include working from high to low areas so that no dirt is dislodged on to surfaces that have already been cleaned, plus the importance of starting with the cleanest areas first to avoid the risk of recontamination.

And the training is available in more than 15 languages besides English including French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Somali.

“The training takes place in a

virtual hospital and incorporates two modules: one for discharge cleaning and the other for daily

cleaning protocols in an occupied patient room.”

“The importance of hygiene in healthcare has become evident to all of us,” said Essity’s Professional Hygiene Marketing Director for Healthcare Thomas Bergin. “In a healthcare system under particular pressure the role of the facilities manager is just as critical in providing care as that of any other healthcare professional.

“Ensuring that the healthcare environment remains a clean and safe place for the patients needs to be a top priority – and this makes facilities managers and cleaning teams the first line of defence for both patients and staff.”

Besides the two modules for cleaners, the training package also incorporates a ‘train-the-trainer’ presentation which educates facility managers and contract cleaning companies on how to support their teams and demonstrate optimum cleaning techniques. The train-the-trainer presentation includes a mini- microbiology school where the dangers of various micro- organisms that may be encountered in a healthcare facility are discussed.

Essity is not new to healthcare training: in fact, the company has a proven record in the field. In 2020, Essity won an Interclean Innovation Award for its Tork VR Clean Hands Training app.

This app uses virtual reality to provide rigorous hand hygiene training for care workers, offering up realistic scenarios in which hand hygiene should be carried out in typical healthcare situations. Trainees are required to put on a VR headset and begin a new shift at their virtual workplace. Each is given responsibility for several patients or residents and they face a series of realistic situations in the virtual world in which they are expected to practice hand hygiene using their own hands.

If they fail to wash their hands at the right moment, they are given the chance to try again. As a result, they soon learn to adopt excellent hand hygiene practices both in the virtual and in the real world.

The tool was developed in collaboration with behavioural scientists, university hospitals and global hand hygiene experts. Essity believes itself to be one of the first companies ever to use VR in a hand hygiene training simulation. Tork VR Clean Hands Training and Education is free to download via the App Store and Google Play and participants need a compatible smartphone and VR headset with remote control or equivalent.

Good products and great staff are key elements of any clean, safe healthcare facility. But those same staff members need to be given a high level of training and support in how to use the products correctly in order to ensure effective results.

“Good healthcare has to start with a safe care environment – and it is vital that facility managers prepare their cleaning staff with the right tools,” said Thomas Bergin. “The Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training package does exactly that – it equips cleaners with the knowledge and knowhow to execute their tasks both safely and efficiently.”

The Tork Interactive Clean Hospital Training package is free to access from the website address below.


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