DISINFECTION UNIT Following public recommendations to stop recirculating air with HVAC in buildings, JenAct, part of the Jenton Group of companies, is reporting increased demand for its high-performance UV Torpedo In-Duct Air Disinfection units with particular interest for office and food processing environments.

The systems, which keep ducted air conditioning systems 99.99% SARS- CoV-2 free and operational, are making a significant contribution to programmes designed to enable employees to safely reoccupy premises.

In almost all cases, the recommended and best option for dilution of air and reduction of risk of airborne SARS-CoV-2 is to maximise fresh air provision by opening windows or maximising the fresh air component in HVAC or ventilation systems. Current advice is not to use recirculating HVAC in a possible COVID-19 situation without disinfection. JenAct’s exciting UV Torpedo systems, which are designed to fit longitudinally into existing return air ducts, prevent the return of the virus into the ventilation system and also prevent contamination from one room / area to another.

Over the last 10 years JenAct has developed advanced CFD modelling software to predict performance of UVC irradiation in ducts and set specifications for UVC systems. Recent research by Boston University has confirmed UV-C doses required to disinfect SARS- CoV-2 and this has been used to validate SARS-CoV-2 data for the JenAct model.

Viruses are much easier to disinfect with UVC than most bacteria and

moulds. As viruses are so small there is a risk that HEPA and other filters can allow some virus particles to pass – creating risk with existing installed filters. As a result, organisations such as the IUVA (International UV Association) are presenting an increasing number of papers giving advice and supporting the important role UVC can play in the fight against COVID-19.

“The recent concerns about recirculating HVAC systems mean that many businesses have their air-con turned off,” explained Dr Jarek Bilek, JenAct’s Technical Director. “However, our UV Torpedo disinfection units effectively allow users to create ‘virus-fresh’ air when it’s not practical to use outside air in the first place. UVC systems can be retrofitted to ventilation units to allow them to be turned on again and actually improve air quality by disinfection from viruses of all the air passing through. UV is very versatile and can be fitted into any size duct and matched to any airflow.”

He continued: “We have seen increasing demand for UV Torpedo

system especially in the US and Middle East where air conditioning, heating and cooling is commonplace in buildings. We have also recently installed a unit in a UK food processing plant.”

The UV module consists of high output UVC lamps mounted on the custom-designed polished aluminium reflector. The UV Torpedo is mounted parallel to the air stream in order to maximise the contact time of the contaminants with the UVC energy, cleaning the air as it flows past the UVC lamps.

Various configurations are available depending on the size and shape of duct. Some OEM users design the UV Torpedo into existing duct profiles and these can be swapped out in end user installations. Control systems are configured to suit the end user and full BMS integration is possible.

JenAct’s proprietary UVC modelling software, developed over many years, allows UV systems to be accurately sized to do the job in hand depending on air flow and duct dimensions. TOMORROW’S FM | 11

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