SHINE KIT Vikan, a specialist in industrial cleaning tools and systems, has enhanced its Easy Shine Kit for cleaning high-gloss flat, and now curved, surfaces.

The improvement was made possible by replacing the 25cm mop frame in the original Easy Shine Kit with one made from flexible plastic. This adds curved revolving doors, bathtubs, jacuzzies, plastic seats and vehicle windows to a long list of flat surfaces the Easy Shine Kit tackles effectively.

Peer Bæch-Laursen, Vikan’s Product Manager for the Microfibre product range, said: “Curved surfaces often force cleaning staff to slow down, stop to look for alternative tools, or work in less-comfortable and less- healthy positions. The Easy Shine Kit with Flexible Mop Frame changes all this, enabling cleaning staff to keep cleaning efficiently, effectively and ergonomically whether surfaces are flat or curved.”


SMARTER Businesses, whether a SME or large organisation are now more aware than ever of the importance of utilising office space, employee time and productivity. The benefits aren’t just another money saving incentive to make the companies more profitable and staff to work harder.

Working hard is something we’ve all been taught since our childhood but the paradigms are evolving. Working smart is now the new norm in modern spaces, but this can be difficult if you don’t know how. Companies and employees are smart when they can figure out that the tasks they are doing can be done in a more efficient manner.

In addition to coming standard with the Easy Shine Kit, the new flexible mop frame is also available separately for use with a range of Vikan mop handles and mops for more efficient cleaning of steps, toilet areas, tables, white boards and more.

How do you figure out a way to complete tasks with less effort and better results? The answer is simply by working in an enriched working environment. The way we embrace our own space, office space and working habits all join to make a more beneficial working atmosphere. Simple changes from making the office more visually appealing, better lighting and more stimulating surroundings will help our brains focus on the tasks in hand and process information quicker and more efficiently.

But, how do we work smarter when work consumes us almost 24-7? Work follows us everywhere, it doesn’t just stop after 5pm. As simple as it sounds, the easiest way

is to try to stick to strict working patterns, switch off your emails, or your phone when you finish work. Your body and brain both need time to relax and recover.

When in work try to prioritise the tasks for the day ahead. Set clear targets and check emails only at certain times, otherwise one email could swallow up more time than you imagine. This in turn makes you more stressed, less productive and less focussed.

So how do we become more focused in work? The Work & Move software by BakkerElkhuzien is an easy solution. The software is quick and easy to download and install on your computer, it has four intuitive tools which will improve the efficiency and comfort of each user.

Scientific research shows that the brain gets tired after just 40-50 minutes of continuous effort, this contributes to less speed and more mistakes. A simple three-minute pit-stop will allow your brain to recharge, re-align and you’ll actually speed up after and make less mistakes. So, the three minutes isn’t actually lost, you are just more efficient after.

The Work & Move software gives subtle nudges, suggestions and pop-ups to vary your day. From Pit-Stops, to exercises, sit-stand coaching and even tips on keyboard short-cuts you could use to save you time throughout your day. TOMORROW’S FM | 09

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