SPREAD As healthcare admissions rise again, we must rely on validated cleaning technology to curb the spread of COVID-19.

In what looks like it could be the midst of the pandemic’s second wave, the government is again strengthening measures to prevent the spread. There’s a chance that hospitals will become overwhelmed, while the risks of an outbreak in residential care and nursing homes loom large. We need to strengthen our cleaning procedures if we want to stop the spread.

Healthcare stakeholders must go beyond the minimum cleaning standards and choose the right tools to protect everybody. Cleaning teams deserve the best technologies that have gone through rigorous testing to guarantee effectiveness and peace of mind.

It’s important to scrutinise specifications before investing your budget in equipment that claims to destroy and eradicate all pathogens – especially in residential care and nursing homes. Residents are among the most vulnerable members of society and employees - ranging from nurses to cleaners - deserve to work in the safest possible environment.

Choosing validated technologies provides the only path to ensuring that your cleaning equipment achieves the results you need. Every person that steps into your setting shares the right to walk back out without picking up harmful illnesses.

Dry steam vapour technology provides the most effective, efficient, and economical method of removing pathogens from every surface type. That doesn’t mean that spraying heated steam onto an infected area will purge the danger. Like with any cleaning procedure, the equipment has to meet the correct specification - like temperature and pressure - operators have to understand these criteria and be trained to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

We have created the only validated steam cleaning technology on the market. Over a decade ago, Osprey-Deepclean sought to remedy the absence of scientific testing and validate this powerful tool. We joined forces with University College London

Hospitals and developed tests in live settings, where patients resided, and secured validation of the testing methods from TNO, the leading Dutch independent authority in applied sciences.

OspreyDeepclean’s dry steam technology combines decontamination with thermal, and now also chemical fogging disinfection, to hand you one of the most powerful deep cleaning tools on the market.

While manual cleaning can struggle to remove dangerous organisms buried in biofilm, OspreyDeepclean’s dry steam vapour technology penetrates all manner of surfaces to safely remove up to 99.99% of bacteria. Osprey's new fogging device utilises a mix of super-heated dry steam and disinfectant to efficiently and safely fog any environment.

Imagine an asymptomatic member of staff in your care home, coughing into their hands before grabbing a door handle to a residents’ room. Infected droplets stew on that handle. Later, staff clean the room with wipes, sprays and chemicals, but use the wrong cloth, which spreads the pathogenic organisms elsewhere. When the next vulnerable patient enters that room, they are exposed to the pathogen becoming infected and placed in serious danger.

Manual cleaning plays an essential role in maintaining adequate levels of sanitation, but it must be done correctly and in conjunction with validated technology to achieve the necessary level of cleanliness. Dry steam vapour would remove all dangerous pathogens, leaving every surface clean and safe to touch.

As pioneers in validated steam cleaning technology, Osprey’s expertise has enabled the development of a range of steam machines, which comply with stringent tests, earning validation certifications. The company has developed its machines’ Standard Operating Procedures to meet the precise and rigorous demands of the healthcare industry, empowering cleaning staff with repeatable, verified protocols. Osprey’s HealthCare range digitally controls the steam and vacuum settings to optimise accuracy, efficacy and tracking.

When you choose this technology, you can enjoy the peace of mind afforded by the guarantee that every cleaned environment is leſt safe, secure and free of infectious matter. - 9 -

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