“The value of the Meals on Wheels

services in alleviating

malnutrition and social isolation must never be underestimated."

#mealsonwheelsheroes THANK YOU!

 @NACCCaterCare  TheNACCCaterCare  thenacc

have shown to find solutions to many challenges – which includes increased demand, social distancing and supply and staff shortages – has been amazing, with each one having the positive and crucial result of providing a lifeline to the elderly and vulnerable in uncertain, frightening and oſten lonely times. They also gave much needed peace of mind to relatives who were unable to visit their loved ones because of the restrictions in place.

“We’ve heard wonderful stories of how the daily visit as part of the meals delivery liſted spirits when most needed. And how teams continued to go above and beyond for their customers, even when faced with operational challenges. For example, birthdays continued to be celebrated on doorsteps and for VE Day, many customers found an extra treat in their delivery, such as a piece of Victoria sponge, to make sure they too could join in the special celebrations.

“The value of the Meals on Wheels services in alleviating malnutrition and social isolation must never be underestimated. The past months have made this very clear. For Meals on Wheels Week 2020, we’re determined to spread the recognition and thanks far and wide to ensure the resurgence in awareness and respect for the vital frontline Meals on Wheels service continues.”


#MEALSONWHEELSHEROES The NACC has launched an important social media campaign

#mealsonwheelsheroes to celebrate the magnificent work of the frontline Meals on Wheels services across the country and to say a big thank you to everyone involved.

It’s calling on everyone to take to social media to publicly declare their support and gratitude for all Meals on Wheels heroes. It’s asking everyone to post photographs of themselves with a special #mealsonwheelsheroes thank you message for all their followers to see, like, share and recreate.

Get involved! It’s very simple to take part:

1. Have your photograph taken holding the special thank you poster (downloadable There’s a choice of thanking the Meals on Wheels heroes or proudly showing you are a Meals on Wheels hero.

2. Post the image on all your social media platforms, ensuring the hashtags #mealsonwheelsheroes and #morethanjustameal are included and tagging in the NACC as follows: Twitter @NACCCaterCare, Facebook TheNACCCaterCare, Instagram @nacccatercare or LinkedIn thenacc. Suggested wording for posts can also be found on the website.


The Meals and Wheels service is so much more than just a meal. It keeps the elderly and vulnerable living independently in their own homes nourished and hydrated with a nutritious daily meal (in many cases the only one they will have each day) and provides an essential preventative service that reduces costly malnutrition-related admissions to hospital that are adding to the terrible strain on the NHS.

For the majority of service users, it’s a social lifeline that eases the devastating effects of isolation and loneliness. The delivery of a meal brings regular human contact, which for many may be the only interaction they enjoy. It also provides much-needed wellbeing and safety checks, again, crucial for those that may not see anyone else during the day. - 35 -

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