STUDY SUCCESSFUL Thomson Screening Solutions Ltd has successfully completed a pilot project testing its COVID-19 screening management soſtware.

With COVID-19 testing an important part of controlling the spread of the virus, finding an effective soſtware system to manage the testing process and collate the results, on a national level and individually within care homes and other premises, is essential.

Thomson Screening developed the C19 Screener soſtware to help manage the process of health testing within care homes and related facilities. It delivers automated, audible and scalable administration of large-scale COVID-19 testing, which includes patient feedback and outcome analytics.

The C19 Screener soſtware, which manages (not administers) the tests, has now been successfully trialled through a pilot project, and is ready for integration into the Government’s testing plans.

Michael Ter-Berg, Co-Founder of Thomson Screening, said: “Testing is a key part of controlling the spread of the virus. However, testing is only useful when it is properly managed and tracked. If you miss people, or record the wrong results, or don’t test frequently enough, it loses its efficacy. C19 Screener helps to manage this process and allows the user to integrate and analyse the data.”

Thomson Covid-19 Test Manager is a soſtware platform that enables the user to scale, irrespective of where, how and what


High-speed internet provider Gigabit Networks is offering free, ultra-fast internet to care homes in the UK for up to a year to support residents affected by COVID-19.

Gigabit recognises that digital technology is invaluable in helping elderly and vulnerable people stay in touch with family and friends, as well as helping with everyday tasks such as shopping, ordering prescriptions and banking, and this is heightened during the pandemic.

Working with CityFibre, the UK’s largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure, Gigabit Networks aims to help care home residents by providing far superior internet speeds.

According to the company, which is based in Leicester, standard broadband relies on ageing copper connections, which can oſten be slow. Pure fibre overcomes these limitations to deliver a considerably improved service.

Dan Ilett, CEO of Gigabit Networks, said: “Internet use among older age groups has increased substantially over the last five years - from 52% in 2011 to 83% in 2019, and the current situation is likely to speed that up even more.

- 14 -

“So many elderly people have been separated from their loved ones during the pandemic, as care homes have been hit very hard by the pandemic. If we can help a few more people to see each other and talk more oſten, albeit virtually, we believe that will only be beneficial to their overall wellbeing.

“In a care home, we hope that fast and efficient internet can re-spark interests and fuel a happier life by connecting residents – without limits – to all their favourite people, hobbies and interests. We are proud to be able to support care homes in this way."

The scheme offers Gigabit Networks’ ‘ethernet flex care’ package to care homes including free installation and no monthly subscription charges for six to 12 months, depending on the contract option chosen.

The availability of Gigabit internet in care homes will not only benefit residents but staff too. 1Gbps internet speeds in the workplace removes limits to communication and will improve productivity.

Companies like CityFibre are transforming Britain's digital landscape, investing nearly £4Bn to build dense pure fibre networks in more than 60 cities across the UK.

Gigabit Networks is a ‘city champion’ partner of CityFibre, covering the Midlands region.

This offer is available to UK care homes when signing up to one of Gigabit Network’s ‘ethernet flex care’ plans before 30th November 2020.

test is carried out. Functions include automated reporting at local and national level for bodies including public health, community health and employers, with data reporting into other systems as required.

The same soſtware system can also be used to manage a vaccination programme when appropriate.

Marta Kalas, Co-founder of Thomson Screening Solutions Ltd, explained: “The pilot was a success and clearly demonstrated the capabilities of our Covid-19 Test Manager soſtware. Now, we are just waiting for the Government to decide on the best testing process and mechanism. Once that is confirmed, we can start to integrate C19 Screener into nationwide testing as well as helping individual businesses, schools and hospitals manage their testing, which in turn will help us tackle the virus and slow its spread.”

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