SOFTWARE In response to the current pandemic, care planning soſtware developer Log my Care has added a new coronavirus monitoring tool to its offering.

Log my Care’s electronic care planning soſtware was developed aſter extensive research and working with carers to identify the key problems in care planning and recording processes. Combined with years of experience working in the care industry, they developed a new but simple electronic care planning system to help alleviate some of those problems.

They recognised that carers are fully committed to the care they give but are oſten bound by the time constraints of writing up care notes at the end of a shiſt. By minimising the time constraints of outdated systems that required irrelevant information, or the same data to be entered more than once, the mobile app and intuitive soſtware have helped make carers lives easier. Now, new coronavirus features and resources have been added to help care homes monitor and plan during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The basis of Log my Care is a cleverly-designed mobile app which works seamlessly across all types of devices. Care user plans and notes can be uploaded to a profile, and their carers can securely view individual care records and update care notes in real time – all by clicking through a few simple questions and buttons on the app. By removing the need for paper care notes and providing the option to update data in real time, the soſtware has enabled carers to save time, which can be better used to deliver one-on-one care to people. Carers can also view to-do lists, which can be set by managers who can easily delegate tasks across their workforce. The tasks can be ticked off through the app, or snoozed, and

managers can see overdue jobs and redistribute resources as appropriate.

The care planning soſtware helps to improve workflow, whilst also spotlighting any issues in the service. Everything on the app can be managed from a centralised ‘care office’ where care managers can view reports and analyse key health trends throughout their organisation. All the data that is input by the carers is fed into the soſtware and presented in easy-to- understand charts and graphs in the care office dashboard. Care managers can easily access older reports to help evidence and observe care over time.

From the outset of the pandemic it became clear the social care sector was going to face new challenges, so Log my Care began developing a new coronavirus tool that integrates fully with the care app. The new features aim to help mitigate and slow the spread of the virus by allowing carers to update key health metrics relevant to COVID-19 symptoms. This includes a respiratory rate chart, temperature recording tool, and a symptom tracker which can all be updated by carers regularly and fed into a specific dashboard. The coronavirus monitoring tool helps to highlight individuals who look like they are developing symptoms and gives care providers the confidence to develop contingency care plans around this.

The soſtware has had dozens of positive reviews from the outset and is used in residential, nursing, learning disability, and mental health care providers. Its available to trial for free from both the App store and Google Play. Users just need to fill in their details on the step-by-step getting started guide on the website and Log my Care will send through an email with account set up details. At the end of the trial, the user can choose to stay on the standard free core system, or upgrade to a more advanced version to unlock further features.

To find out more and trial the system for free visit:

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